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  1. As in title, shown as below (mute vid please): 190271382_System2022_08_08-15_01.14_01.mp4
  2. Heya I hope you didnt forgot about me Fresh glitches from recent SVN (mute video cuz my mic is picking up some weird UFO sounds: 1762477888_System2022_08.09-16_29_25_01.mp4
  3. The core problem of 0AD as a modern game is lack of 64bit releases, which makes it unable to use more RAM (as nearly all modern PC got at least 4GB RAM).
  4. My $0.02: - Improve anti-lag (as many players coming from other RTS/Strategy games want bigger battles than 20vs20) - Rework trading path for AI, maybe even allow for custom path drawing (if there is enemy CC between two AI allies, they will just send their traders right through enemy base) - When AI is about to attack, it will always make a "build-up" spot, where most of army gathers (and pathfinder starts to sweat), maybe this can be improved? - When AI garrisons tower/fortress, it is easy to move units back out of map visibility, so AI will force defenders out of the buildings, then kill then and capture tower/fortress - Check if collecting game statistics (units killed etc) affect game performance, if it does then allow to disable collecting game stats - Gaia ships on some maps hit very hard, it is not possible to achieve same damage per shot with any civ
  5. Heya, this is not intended for sure. Fresh SVN R26693, when clicking on any researchable technology in warehouse, they are completed nearly instantly. Someone messed up with research times? :x 601141069_System2022_03.22-21_47_50_01.mp4
  6. I would partially agree, but here is the related bug I've noticed - Attack Move across map makes catapults stop on first enemy building sighted. They will unpack and start shooting, but because building isn't at uncovered area, You cannot see building HP - so your catapults shoot infinitely (until you move them closer to reveal that the building is dead hours ago).
  7. Also those 2 icons are swapped. Friendly vision icon says it costs wood+food+stone+metal, while Use friendly territory costs food+metal. Someone swapped places for those icons ^^
  8. Latest SVN version. Opening Diplomacy menu causes an error, resulting in the following log:
  9. Game is compiled to 32 bits. And 32bits can only use 3.5GB as stated above by Stan.
  10. Confirmed that it is indeed the reason of this bug. Deleting previous savegames resolves the problem
  11. How can I close that window to provide gameplay log when Cancel button is not responding? ESC also doesn't work to close it... EDIT: NVM, had to use ALT+F4. To reproduce this bug, launch the game and go to saved games.
  12. Clicking on columns causes another error, most likely related. 2087266961_System2022_02.17-17_48_46_01.mp4
  13. Latest SVN, 8 players, gigantic size. I know this has been most likely discussed before, but unit pushing and so isn't preventing big units from barricading the way for smaller units.
  14. Latest SVN, 8 players, gigantic size. As stated in the title, as seen in the attached image.
  15. Latest SVN, 8 players, gigantic size. When trying to open up Save menu (to prevent game crashing and not saving gameplay log lol) some error appeared and Cancel button is not closing the Save menu window. Unable to resume gameplay afterwards. Additionally, pressing radio button on the right side (filter compatible only) causes error as in attachement
  16. Latest SVN but the bug was in previous game versions. 8 players, gigantic size. FINALLY I was able to catch this bug on video. Unfortunately game crashed so only commands.txt. Bug is shown in the first till 0:25, later I forgot to turn off recording lol. This bug most often appears when some traders are alive (unexpectedly selecting them) 1644027681_System2022_02.11-20_09_29_01.mp4 commands.txt
  17. Latest SVN. 8 Players, gigantic size, random map. Game crashed, so no gameplay log, only commands.txt Seems like the random resource generation doesn't check if another (similar?) resource has been placed in the spot, resulting in following: commands.txt
  18. Latest SVN. Random map, 8 players, gigantic size. Two tower standing near each other, but outside of arrow range indicator. First tower can attack another one, but not vice versa. Terrain was flat. Unfortunately, due to game crash I was unable to get gameplay log, just commands.txt. Below screenshot presents as follows: Red is enemy, Blue is my civ. Red tower is damaging (shooting arrows) my tower, while my tower cannot damage Red tower. Both towers are placed on flat terrain. How is that possible? commands.txt
  19. Latest SVN version Random map, gigantic, 8 players. Unit textures of some civ not found - rendering as pink lol
  20. IIRC ordered 2 groups of around 200 units to move-attack through the map. If you can see the hill near looped units, then there was enemy tower (before it was destroyed). Units were triggered by the tower (because of terrain height bonus) and most likely tried to move around the hill and capture the tower. The recording is made some time after the tower is destroyed, but since the loop was going on forever, I wanted to record it so you can investigate
  21. When ordered move-attack to some far point, there seems to be a randomly occurring loop, causing units to move forward/backward. 1040845041_System2022_02.08-18_10.39_02.mp4 metadata.json commands.txt
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