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  1. Maybe it could heal units, or and make them stronger that are in the area.
  2. haha, i've seen that guy at HG, everday theres a new topic about some new civ they should add.
  3. I shook hands with one of the members of the Blue Man Group.
  4. Yeah my family lives pretty close together, the furthest anyone lives from my house is in upstate New York which is five hours away.
  5. Im really busy on Christmas, fist me and my family wake up and open presents, them im going to my aunts house with my dads side of the family for brunch. Then back to my house and some of my aunts uncles and cousins come over. Then On Monday im going to my grandpas house with all my moms side of the family, which is alot (I have 13 cousins on that side of the family), then we celebrate Christmas over there
  6. I like highlands in AoK and in Empires DotMW and some water is good like a river dividing players or something.
  7. I only make scenerios for Empires DotMW, and I like the start off with an army and attack because right now I am making a Stalingrad scenerio, Im not that good with triggers, but I can figure most of what i need out.
  8. I had three fire drills three days in a row, and last year there were two actual fires in my school both in my lunch peroid so I missed lunch.
  9. I thought it was "Death solves all problems, no man, no problem" heres another one "Theres a thin line between courage and stupidity"
  10. @clueless guy2 - if you read the articles on the civilazations it says that the cartagians will have the biggest selection of units because they can hire mercenaries.
  11. I think if you attack someone from the side or the back of their army it should do more damage then attacking from the front, so you could ambush someone's army with weaker units and still win. And I like fyhuang's idea of the less hitpoints a unit has the less its attack is.
  12. For the animations I used windows home movie maker, paint, and alot of copying and pasting.
  13. I have made some of my own stick death animations, but there not that good.
  14. I pprobably will use the cheat because the fog of war is really annoying, and thats the only thing i didnt like about Age of Mythology because you couldnt get rid of the fog of war.
  15. I made my nick name up a while ago, because my thumbs are really screwed up, I can't give a thumbs up because they go up then they slant then it goes up again, I can also put my thumbs behind my hand which looks really cool.
  16. I like that my school isn't that big so everyone know's each other, and i like throwing pencils in the ceiling thats allways fun.
  17. The best show is the Simpsons. i would have picked Family Guy but it got canceled.
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