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  1. As of a24, bribe unit is a button that looks like a stack of 3 gold pieces in the diplomacy bar if anyone else looks at this post.
  2. I think that a TG cooldown is the solution to laggy TGs and 4v3 scenarios. I agree that having somewhat decent teammates and no lag in my games would double my gameplay happiness. I agree that it'd be nice to have both solo rank and TG rank for better TG balance. However, I think Marcus, Sequani, and Causative are making rankings overly complicated. Using certain stats just favors a TG playstyle and might not mean actually winning the game. If a person wins a TG by feeding resources to another player for an early p3 then why should he be rated lower than someone with a good KD or b
  3. Rams are not faster than elephants in either version of the game unless elephants are getting blocked by enemy units. For game simplicity only swords, catapults, some heros and elephants (also axemen in a24) significantly damage rams. Try engaging enemy troops with your main troops and then sending in swords/heros/elephants.
  4. Thanks for the mod and the help. Fantastic! Now I can finally be pro and beat Boudicca! I love late game, so I'm psyched to micro all the time with auto production on. General mod question: Is there a way to raise an alert for only selected women?
  5. Sorry I put this in another message, but just want to comment on the best thing about this mod. If I win a battle with infantry vs infantry, my infantry will actually go over and kill the enemy sieges. No more do they uselessly wave their arms around the sieges as the sieges retreat making capture impossible. No more do I have to carefully select each siege with ctrl+shift to order all of their destruction. Late game battles FEEL AMAZING.
  6. I'm a mac user so thats why I thought it might difficult for non-programmers. Fixes are coming, excellent!
  7. I have not been able to set a rally point that is different than just the move rally point. E.g. in the base game if I right click rally point on an enemy building then ungarrison, my spear cav runs over and tries to capture. If I hold ctrl and right click on a building, the rally point does not even register and my cav ungarrisons at the front of the building. I thought I might have to change the autorallypoint from ctrl to a random key "k", but I still had the same issues. (In my example, I assume that setting a rally point on an enemy building is the same as setting it on an enemy bolt
  8. Great work! This mod definitely improves the gameplay for using slingers or the iberians flaming cav skirms. Thanks for starting a mod to fix the issues with capturing. Like you probably saw, there's still 2 issues. 1. Troops still attack the buildings in range and do not change targets when enemy units appear. This is a large issue whenever we want troops to stay around catapults but we've moved near an area with houses. (Defensive stance causes the troops to have slow reactions to enemy cavalry, so we have to put in aggressive to minimize siege loss) 2. When we ungarrison troops th
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