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  1. https://books.google.com.gh/books?id=i54rPFeGKewC&pg=PA158&dq=Kushite+cavalry&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwicxdfGruDtAhWOSsAKHU58ApsQ6AEwAXoECAgQAg#v=onepage&q=Kushite cavalry&f=false NB: link leads directly to page. This book says makes a mention about Kushite chariots. It states that Piye ordered heavier chariots with the ratio of 3 men to one chariot.
  2. @Genava55 The battering ram has been accepted and ready for use under discussion at https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2815, the link you shared to me. However, is there an existing art for it? Or is the art going to be based on the rams of other civs.
  3. When day broke, at early morning, his majesty reached Memphis. When he landed on the north of it, he found that the water had approached to the walls, the ships mooring at [the walls of] Memphis. Then his majesty saw it was strong, and that the wall was raised by a new rampart, and battlements manned with mighty men. There was found no way of attacking it. Every man told his opinion among the army of his majesty, according to every rule of war. Every man said; "Let us besiege [it] .... ; lo, its troops are numerous." Others said: "Let a causeway be made against it, let us elevate the ground to
  4. @badosuI saw a video on the Athenians and the player was able to build colossal statues of Athena. Is just that he didn't explain how. Is it possible for civs to build statues? I've tried with Athens myself but; no results.
  5. @Stan` @elexisPlease how do we build statues and sculpture works? I've been at it for a while now.
  6. I'm not sure about the upcoming update but new game features might arrive sometime in the future, let's hope so. However in my opinion, some civs should have all their ground units ranked. For instance, some civ archers should be better than others, some civ Calvary should be better, some war elephants should be better trained, some cavalry and chariots units should be faster or heavier than others, some civ infantry units such as spearmen should be more tactical than others. It could go like; Romans have aggressive sieges, Kushites have +? accurate archers, Mauryans the Elephants, Gauls have
  7. Of course. Kush's ambassador to wildfire games.
  8. @Genava55 Very true. But thank you so much for all you've done. You really helped in getting Kush as a civ on its own in the game.
  9. @Genava55 Unfortunately no. However, I'm not giving up yet . I hope archaeologist can break all barriers and enlarge our knowledge of Sudan one day. @Genava55 By the way, do you know if any artist is willing to design a Kushite battering ram or non royal Chariot unit before the next alpha update?
  10. Interesting enough, Arrian of Nicomedia described the use of war wagons by some Thracian tribes. Source; The Thracians 700 BC-AD 46 (Men-at-Arms) by Christopher Webber and Angus McBride, 2001, ISBN 1-84176-329-2, page 10
  11. @Genava55 The source is the book itself and other books but I can't share a pic or link. However, the crossbows were discovered along with other Kushite arsenal. Also, I'm not going to insist nor propose that the Kushites invented it, nope. Maybe they borrowed it later from Romans or Asians?
  12. Typical Etruscan house from the 8th century BC.Villanovan phase. Another 8th century BC home. Etruscan warrior in armor. Layout of Etruscan temple.
  13. They did but it was very short. The area was reverted back to Kush and Christian Nubia sometime later. @SundiataUnfortunately I can't find a free copy either and I'm still looking for a link. However, from my source, the page 138, stated it was used by Kushites because it was discovered along with a Kushite arsenal including armor, bows and shield and your usual Kushite weapons.
  14. @Sundiata I found something on Kushite artillery. The discovery of crossbow weapons at Quasr Ibrim during the late Meroitic period or when Kush was about to decline. Adams, William Y. (2013). Qasr Ibrim: The Ballana Phase. Egypt Exploration Society. ISBN 0856982164. Page 138. I remember some archaeologist's also discovered ballistas or mechanical stone throwers at a fort belonging to Christian Nubia. Either way, in regards to the Chariots and battering ram, are there any artist willing to lend a hand?
  15. It's such an ass that only Amanirenas gets the Chariot. Hoping there are non royal Chariot units aded before the update. Same with the battering rams. Either way, it won't be bad if China as a civ could be in the update.
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