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  1. She's literally called "Eye candy woman"
  2. @ServoPresently I'm working on the base game needed for all Civs. But would you prefer several mods that are balanced with different factions and restricted to a particular region and time period, or would you prefer ONE mod that includes all? I was actually planning on doing several smaller mods. The reason is that I think the game will feel much more submersive. These folders show the separate mods that I plan to make available. Basically Ars Bellica will be the base mod, the others will be cultural add-ons. Some of the smaller factions that are listed in those folders will likely not be added or they will be very close to the other factions, use the same artset and just have a slightly different civ bonus. @asterix Yes I know of the city building mod and I will be using some of its ideas. The pony mod? What about it? Does it have city building features too?
  3. OK So I got it working @Angen ! Still some errors, and I'm not really sure how the code works! I just managed to problem solve, change a few parameters, and add in a few missing lines from the newer codebase! It looks pretty good! I showed at the bottom of the screen the stats as I put on new gear!
  4. Here is a Readme from my Github with a description of the Mod that I have planned. The Readme is in a sub directory because it's part of a larger project. I have actually implemented about 50% or 60% probably in small test cases but not over the whole project. Ars Bellica
  5. I just had a go. I tried it on A24, the unit was not selectable, but the graphics at least loaded properly. I tried it on A23 and the graphics didn't finish loading. On A23 First error I got was ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/UnitAI.js line 6138 Error: Registered component has unrecognised 'OnMotionUpdate' message handler method @simulation/components/UnitAI.js:6138:1 launchGame@gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js:2285:3 g_MiscControls.startGame.onPress/<@gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js:1016:5 On A24 ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/textures/skins/props/shield/aspis_01_spec.png" TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 177.815 us TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 152.082 us TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.60963 ms TIMER| common/setup.xml: 362.699 us TIMER| common/setup_resources.xml: 52.449 us TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 562.493 us TIMER| common/styles.xml: 70.799 us TIMER| session/sprites.xml: 1.82045 ms TIMER| session/styles.xml: 137.566 us TIMER| session/session.xml: 143.162 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 668.523 us ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/GuiInterface.js line 2011 Error: Invalid GuiInterface Call name "IsSelectionDirty" GuiInterface.prototype.ScriptCall@simulation/components/GuiInterface.js:2011:8 onSimulationUpdate@gui/session/session.js:625:6 resetTemplates@gui/session/session.js:437:2 onSelectionChange@gui/session/top_panel/PlayerViewControl.js:119:4 selectViewPlayer@gui/session/top_panel/PlayerViewControl.js:81:3 onPlayersInit@gui/session/top_panel/PlayerViewControl.js:60:3 init@gui/session/session.js:308:3 reallyStartGame@gui/loading/loading.js:22:2 ERROR: Error calling component script function ScriptCall ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/GuiInterface.js line 427 TypeError: cmpAttack.GetSplashDamage is not a function GuiInterface.prototype.GetEntityState@simulation/components/GuiInterface.js:427:30 GuiInterface.prototype.ScriptCall@simulation/components/GuiInterface.js:2009:1 GetEntityState@gui/session/session.js:203:21 insertIfRelevant@gui/session/PanelEntityManager.js:56:21 update@gui/session/PanelEntityManager.js:47:9 onSimulationUpdate@gui/session/session.js:637:3 resetTemplates@gui/session/session.js:437:2 onSelectionChange@gui/session/top_panel/PlayerViewControl.js:119:4 selectViewPlayer@gui/session/top_panel/PlayerViewControl.js:81:3 onPlayersInit@gui/session/top_panel/PlayerViewControl.js:60:3 init@gui/session/session.js:308:3 reallyStartGame@gui/loading/loading.js:22:2 ERROR: Error calling component script function ScriptCall ERROR: Errors executing script event "SelectionChange" ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/session/PanelEntityManager.js line 59 TypeError: entityState is undefined
  6. I'm using A24. I'm using Snap and it just got updated today. Compiled Aug 24, 2020. That's great you found it ! Thank you so much for looking for it! I will check out to see how you did it!
  7. The good thing about Open Source, is that with the right mechanics available, modders can turn it into whatever they like. There are ways to have these realistic aspects while keeping the micro down. With the towers, one of the ways would be to have the town bell on autopilot so that the closest military units manned the tower, and the civilians ran into the houses. Actually, this is already quite easily doable in Javascript and is one thing I plan to do for my mod.
  8. How would I go about adding a feature for picking up items without changing the entity?
  9. Some of the things you mentioned are actually already available for modders. For example Ghost Ships Ghost Towers Ammo Cost(in 0abc mod I think?) Ammo cost hasn't been introduced into the main game, because they want to do it properly the first time, same with other features such as secondary attacks. Alot of players will probably like the fact that towers fire default arrows without a garrison. I do like the idea of needing them to be manned. The Viking ships(from Millenium AD) would look amazing with a Visible Garrison instead of the ordinary Garrison inside. Here are some features I am working on integrating and making into my own mod. Ghost Ships (Visible garrisons) Ghost Towers Integrating ammo cost from 0abc Switchable Weapons Loot will be increased, especially for buildings and farms, and must be collected as a resource and carried back manually, but wagons can also do this job and can pack large amounts of loot on them. Seasons and seasonal food. Food is not gathered at gradual pace but gets ready at seasons. Bushes and farms don't expire, they just have seasonal produce. Citizens automatically spawn from houses and are cheap or free to build, but they have an upkeep cost. You therefore always need a proportion to gather food, otherwise they will starve to death, which is even more of a danger with seasons if your farms get destroyed in a raid before harvest! All Citizens can pick up women from the blacksmith or barracks, including women, who aren't as strong, but would still be a good last line of defense, especially if your men have all died at war! "Phases" are true phases, not "ages". There is no researching of "Town" or "City" phase, but your Civil Center is automatically promoted when you have enough nearby buildings. This means you can have some Villages and some Towns and some Cities, and the Town Phase buildings can only be built in Towns or Cities, not Villages. Citizens are cheap or free, but they are unexperienced. I want a far more extensive promotion system as follows. Promotion can happen across all of these classes, so that Citizens can become Heroes eventually. Citizen (No experience) Citizen Soldier (Rudimentary training) Professional Soldier (Battle Hardened) Champion (Experts) Hero (Expert Experts :-) ) Fauna have a "manure" aura, they help farms to produce more food, BUT they also eat the crops if they are too close!! This should result in nice farming communities that combine animals and crops together, but have little wooden fences to keep the animals away from crops Houses can be used defensively and fire arrows, but they are also much easier to destroy with swords, axes, and fire arrows, are also easier to capture, and eject at 50% health, instead of 10% Individual names and Stats Can pick up items ^The only features above which I do not know how to do well, right now, are Seasons, Individual names and Stats, and pick up Items. I will definitely tag you when I have an implementation of my mod out so you can play test for me . I'm curious what you think of the things I mentioned above. The Upkeep cost replacing Upfront resource cost is a big change that a lot of people won't like, probably. It doesn't have to be that way, it's just something I want to try! I'm pretty sure there are actually no full time developers. The programmers all commit their free time to the project :). I also understand your frustration because this game is really cool and feels like it has so much potential but mechanics do seem to take a long time to add.
  10. > Hope he sees this Looking forward to seeing this special mod
  11. A lot of the ideas that I have suggested have been more appropriate for small scale battles, such as weapon switching and ammo. Part of my motivation is to make a MOBA or RPG style of mod possible. I can mod and program Javascript myself, and I have spent some time recently trying to understand the code so I can help out in this area. Status effects have already been added to the development version of the game which enables things like poison arrows. Another important change, which I think is possible to do with Javascript is an "Inventory" system. Currently if you want to change a units stats, you need to change the entity, this makes it difficult to have some unit with an arbitrary number of different items/weapons etc. Each combination would need to have a different entity. I'm not really sure what would need to change to make an inventory system. I have been looking at that a bit in my spare time. I'm actually really interested in helping you and making contributions to this.
  12. It introduces a game mechanic that some people will not like. True! However, with appropriate Unit AI, this would not be dependent on the players ability to micro, but rather the players ability to protect their supply lines. If this ammo concept for Javelins and Archers was introduced, and you are the kind of person that doesn't want to protect his supply lines, you could quite easily get by with weapon switching, and also things like "scavenging" the battlefield. I would be in favor of not implementing such things officially until the micro was sufficiently reduced that this mechanic introduces new strategy without increasing the required Actions per minute to be an effective player.
  13. Yes, same type of unit could have slightly randomized stats, and an individual name. I would also like to have most units eventually gain Hero status with enough experience. And their hero auras would be based partially on their randomized statistics. It's a mechanic that suits small scale battle, I think. Loyalty could be one of those stats. Units with high Loyalty will cost more to bribe and maybe will have an encouragement aura.
  14. It would only result in Micro if the unit AI didn't know how to handle the behavior as Alexander pointed out. If we implemented ammo for javelins now, without automatic weapon switching or some kind of resupply mechanic, then the AI wouldn't know what to do. I've thought this through a lot, and there are three ways to solve the problem of running out of ammo, which should be handled by the AI somehow to reduce micro: Resupply, such as repurposing trade cart models to carry ammo Auto refilling, javelins automatically refill, perhaps a retreat mechanic would be needed by the AI in the mean time Weapon switching
  15. Last time I played this you had the ChiRo emblem for the Umayyads. It looks like you still do? https://github.com/0ADMods/millenniumad/blob/master/art/textures/ui/session/portraits/emblems/emblem_umayyads.png I guess it was a placefiller that you haven't changed. According to Wiki the Umayyad Caliphate just had a plain white flag. Would that be impractical to use instead ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umayyad_Caliphate
  16. I just tried to use it and there seems to be some pretty major errors that stop it working. I don't know what the problem is. Seems to be something to do with gui and panels
  17. Hi Asterix! You guys still interested in this ?
  18. I actually want to do this, as well as create some randomness for each unit in Stats. Let's say when "Brutus" is spawned on the map, he gets +10HP, when "Lyle" is spawned he gets "-10HP" . They are separate things, I don't mean to paint everyone called "Brutus" or "Lyle" with the same brush, I'm just saying I would like to give name randomness AND some stat randomness, but generally they would be independently randomized
  19. Yes I am looking forward to those additions. Are you one of the people behind Millenium AD ? I really like the Norse faction. They have nice houses :-) It works really well with the way Viking raiders would "winter" over in England and France.
  20. I don't think so. I'm open to trying though :-)
  21. Just a demonstration of my attempt to make (un)mountable horses. It was quite easy to make mountable horses. Here is what I did: Steps Add one Visible Garrisoning point to horses, this works for both melee and ranged units. In one image you can see the melee spearman attacking from on top of the horse. Add an Aura to the horse which affects the "garrisoned" unit(the rider), changing the entity to use a visual actor of a mounted unit. This keeps the attack animation in sync This is not perfect, for these reasons i can see: Disadvantages The sitting looks very unnatural, they will often sit to the side or backwards on the horse when they first garrison The horse formations are blocked because the garrison panel has priority The VisualActor change in the horse Aura I mentioned in part 2 of Steps was hard coded, which means that right now I would need to create a different aura file for every Entity that can ride a horse. This is possible to do with a script, but messy in terms of having a lot of game files. I might do this anyway for my own mod until the game has a feature or I create it myself. Mounting/Unmounting is presently tedious, it has to be one by one. There is an easy way to solve this using the "alarm" system which is used for Civil Centers. I haven't implemented this yet. Advantages It really does look quite fun to see them shooting from the top of horseback on the move :-) This is going to be great gameplay wise for newer Steppe civilizations like the Scythians which are included in Delenda Est. Shooting while backwards seem to be described as Parthian Shot. Wikipedia: Horse archer tactics are fundamental tactic of these civilizations and will make the gameplay more fun, as well as being historically authentic. The Vikings apparently never fought on horseback, but they did steal them for riding and crossing terrain. This will create the potential to mount and dismount an army. Perhaps the horse aura will create an accuracy or attack debuff that will make riding horses impractical to use in warfare for such civilizations, while still being useful for movements and scouting. Mountable Elephants will be great too!!!! Mount 3 archers on top of an elephant! That will be fun! Or mix and match, add one spearman and two archers! Horses and Riders die separately. When a horse is on low HP, it "ejects" the rider. Fun mechanic and requires less suspension of belief!
  22. Ultimately it would be really good to see AI in enough abstraction that we can share it between 0AD mods including HC
  23. Do you know much about the Unit AI ? Who is the guy to talk to about that? I would think that to make units fight in formations, you just have to modify the "sloppiness" code in the formations. Units should be set to "not move" relative to their position in the formation. Certain formations might move more. The Greek Phalanxes should generally move very little. Germanics would probably barely keep to any formation at all. But one necessary addition for the unit AI, including Germanics, is that targeting a group, rather than specific units in that group. I would actually love to work on this problem myself, after I release my first mod. I need to get a better understanding of custom resources and gui screens first to finish my mod.
  24. Perhaps there could be a game trigger where the game slows to half or quarter speed around a certain time, for 1-10 seconds. Everyone would notice this and they would see the changes, similar to how meaningful moments on a film might be played with a cinematic slow ?
  25. There are some really cool things in here. I tried to play this mod, but unfortunately it had too many errors, I am playing with a version of XXIII that was compiled in Jan 9, 2019.(21946P~release) Well, I know "armour" is spelt with a "u" in the "Armour.js" component file.
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