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  1. Just like the Pope would not condemn the Kings for certain doctrines or practices which are inconsistent, for political reasons, I would expect Rabbis to be somewhat selective of what requirements they had for others especially when they could gain power by being selective. This is just practical reality of things we see that any religion can and is used for political purposes, just as it seems to be in the case of the leaders who used Judaism to form a distinctive character against the Christians and Muslims. (This doesn't say anything about the truth of the religions)
  2. You are right, it's not missionary at all. But converting nobles does have practical material value for their people as a whole. So it is not surprising.
  3. Very Interesting Video. Still, it was hard to see who they were ethnically. The migration of Jews and the conversion of nobles doesn't tell us much about the actual people, just the official policy of the Rulers.
  4. ABSOLUTELY. We can change my "Restrict to Cultures" to "Mod Selection" Include Up to date mods in the main game. Let people play Hyrule / My Little Pony without downloading mod. (Already Included) Let People play Millenium / Aristeia without downloading mod. (Already Included) Disable these mods by default. The default will be along the lines of "Official Civilizations" or "0AD Official" I don't know how many of those are up to date, but this could be a great way of having "semi official" content which gets play tested/exposed to a wider community.
  5. Fortunately. Making an option available, doesn't mean you have to use it! Also as far as tournament play, having realistic matchups makes sense. You might in a tournament situation want to restrict civs to ones of a similar power, maybe Noba village people aren't able to go against the Roman Empire? So you restrict Civs. Maybe you will say "don't play as the Nobas". But maybe you and some friends want to play some games as the Nobas or similar Civs without OP factions making it ridiculous? This feature could easily result in MORE diversity in the game, because when it's easy to restrict Civs like this, without needing to load a Mod, then it will be easier to add Civs to the game without the nightmare of balancing each time. Just restrict to comparable factions for competitive play. As an example of this, there is already an "Ancient Empires" and "Millenium AD", but we don't include those in Vanilla because they are the wrong time frame. With the option I am showing, this would not be an issue. Just select the 500BC - 500AD Timeframe for vanilla Civs. To play Millenium AD? just choose 500 - 1000AD ! This would be amazing! It's not even that hard to do!
  6. I don't think you would need to modify the UnitAI at all, just Make it possible to "build" berry bushes and farms To build them easily(I mean, drag mouse over a square or circular area, you don't want to sit there clicking on 1x1 squares for 5 minutes) Get the right regen rates, cost and obstruction area.
  7. Another Idea I had for farms. It's not super important and I don't want to push it. But what if the "farms" worked more like berry bushes, you plant the bushes, they regenerate. When they run out of food, they don't disappear like bushes do now, they just sit there slowly regenerating. You would put on as many farmers/gatherers as you need to keep the bushes low, but not so many as to run out, which would result in lost time. It would look nice too, because every civ on this farm/orchard would move from every bush to bush collecting. You could have 10 on one side of the CC at one moment, then all around the next moment. You just need to get the bushes to a good regen rate that makes sense and is comparable to present farms. Also, these don't need to be actual bushes, we can use the same art as the present farms(rice, millet, barley etc), they just have a different internal mechanic. We can also do it for berry bushes, apple trees etc.
  8. Yes, and Yes. It's always annoyed me and felt like pointless micro trying to arrange farms to fill up gaps efficiently and manually placing them. Dragging a box over an area would save (boring) time, look better, be more space efficient and realistic :-p. I think many people are still thinking "age of empires copy". But honestly why do we want to copy the boring parts of it?
  9. Here is an example of the Civilization Selection I was talking about on IRC. The function doesn't work yet, but the idea is that this selection would restrict the civs to those within that group/theatre of war/influence. I think it's actually a way to limit the difficulty of balancing, as we don't need to balance, for example, the Yayoi to the roman empire who would have never fought anyway :-p. We don't need to pretend that these civs are comparable. Additionally, I think that this can make the game feel immersive. Because you are playing real battles. You fight as the Persians in the Middle East, not in the Celtic Highlands. Speaking of which, I want to also want another option on this list "Geographical", so it will limit civs who existed in the maps biome. The brilliant example above doesn't seem to have this function of restricting Civs, actually. But it does look fantastic and makes choosing a Civ more fun, interactive and informative, which is all very helpful. They are different things. Would be great to have both :-p
  10. I really want to be able to drag farmland over an area, and the farmers will fill that area with 1x1 "farms". This could be faster than queing up ten farms around a CC/Farmstead, and also imo more realistic, because I think it doesn't really make sense to not be able to grow a plant on a 1x1 just because it's too small.
  11. Even the red haired woman at the end should have had a helmet on.... Sort of the first thing you would wear.
  12. It seems that the Visha Kanyas were not warriors at all. They were assassins that probably used poison or other surreptitious means of killing. The unit is presently mostly ahistorical, but not completley. They may have actually dressed like that, but in the bedroom, to seduce and poison; and also the game mentions she uses poison arrows, I think. These assassins did use poison, but it may have been on their tongue, not on a large sword. They could put it on their tongue and then literally kill you with a kiss, because they were apparently trained to be immune to poison since childhood. It was brutal and scary. These women are actually a historical example of that movie Naked Weapon. But they didn't fight in war, they were assassins.
  13. One practical advantage of chain mail is the ease of adapting to the wearer. So we would likely see women wear chainmail, imo.
  14. I agree with the first part about the meaning of recognizing Taiwan. I also agree that wind and solar have the potential to be sabotage resistant due to locally installing them. This capability would seem to be lost if you are exporting that power to another country! In this case it might do the job, provide power, at the cost of being expensive, easy to sabotage, and damaging to the Australian landscape, but it does the job!
  15. I didn't know this existed! You must have added it since after my hiatus :-p @FreagarachIs it better for performance to have longer ticker intervals? Eg between 2 and 10 seconds instead of 1 second? Also How are fractions calculated? If I did .2 food per second, would it do 0 food or 1 every 5 seconds? Hope you don't mind all the questions. You might be waiting for me to stop asking questions and actually make a contribution to the codebase or at least a mod but I am trying to understand things properly first :-p.
  16. I actually like the idea of a lot more being available in P1, except if it's likely to use a blacksmith, then you will need P2 to build a blacksmith then everything that requires a blacksmith will become available, like swords :-p Axes could be made a lot more roughly than swords and require less metal than a blade I think, you can use stone as well.
  17. My humble suggestion is that because Ice Houses could help to preserve food, that is to prevent wasted food, then they could rather give you a food collection rate bonus, rather than a fixed amount. Perhaps they would need a building space or number restriction too.
  18. I think attack ground is a great idea and I am eager to see it happen. Freagarach is working on it.
  19. 1. and 3. are already present in the milestones listed at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/roadmap. Perhaps there is an issue of marketing so it's obvious :-p . Maybe social media is a good idea after all :-p I support 2 and will defend adding something like in game balancing or loading of third party balancing. More so, I want to be involved with it. I'm doing things with templates now to try to make them more user friendly. It's not the same as editing in game. I don't know enough to do that now, but maybe in the future. People talk about FOSS principles of openness. I actually don't think that means no leaders. FOSS makes code accessible to others, but doesn't give those others write access to the developers PC. That means FOSS is free to be forked. It doesn't mean there is no decision making at the top. If you don't like the King, start your own kingdom. But there is nothing wrong with kings.
  20. On this point, there is a new feature, which I think was implement by @wraitii, on the modding side which allows for "mixins" which makes modding way less time consuming. This feature is not used much in the current Alpha, but I think it is undermentioned and underpraised! It can reduce the effort of adjusting XML files by I think maybe 90% once this feature is properly understood by modders, and implemented more widely in the Alpha. It's something I have been working on, actually, and I plan to release a mod soon which does very little, except use mixins to rearrange template files. The intent is to show modders how easy it can be to mod using this new arrangement.
  21. Regardless of which directory it's in, XML, YAML, JSON, Dahl, perhaps with some restrictions, can all be safely loaded. For a counterpoint against me see these: https://www.acunetix.com/blog/articles/xml-external-entity-xxe-vulnerabilities/ https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/topic/xml-vulnerabilities-still-attractive-targets-attackers/ They are called XXE(XML External Entities), and they are used for user input on the web frequently. They are a security risk, but one that can be controlled. Dahl is a configuration language that has been designed specifically with shareable and secure configuration in mind. But it would require quite a few changes.
  22. I've been reading on Total War discussion boards that Archers in the ancient world were actually not great, and that slingers had a longer range!! It amazed me! Xenophon seems to mention such an example!
  23. This is equivalent to my suggestion about only allowing the distribution of the template files. Filter out the zip for anything but properly formatted XML.
  24. Sorry to keep badgering about this. I'm not telling you that you should do anything, but all those things seem to have workarounds. Json, HTML, Dhall, Xml, yml all have very similar architectures and can be translatable into each other pretty easily, in some cases with loss of information or type data, but that data can be stored in other variables anyway(like an extra attribute stating a value should be interpreted as a number/integer etc). I'll leave it at this because I don't want to waste your time. But I think it's worth considering due to the fact I think it could be a way to distract the "balancing bros" from the dev team and delegate some responsibility.
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