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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. If someone points me to an example, I'll be happy to add this.
  2. Update: added Macedonia 24 - Gaugamela (331 BC) The final showdown between Alexander and Darius is at hand. A much smaller (but much better trained) Greek and Macedonian army meets the much larger Persian forces near the village of Arbela. Darius has gathered forces from all corners of the empire, including Indian war elephants and cavalry. He rides in his chariot flanked by his most trusted soldiers as well as Greek mercenaries. As Alexander, you are in charge of the companion cavalry, as well as a few other elite units. A small force of Egyptian warriors has also decided to follow you into Persia in seek of adventure and glory. The Macedonian reserve waits back at the camp but can be signaled into action by lighting "bonfires". There are three such fires (represented as Outposts) at your disposal. The first, if lit, will send half our reserve infantry towards Craterus. The second will send the other half towards Alexander. The third will let the reserve cavalry known to join the fight and head towards Alexander. You can "light" each bonfire by clicking on the outpost and then destroying it (press the 'Del' key on the keyboard or click the skull button under the building description). Also, this one uses k-means clustering
  3. Yet another update: added Macedonia 23 - Zopyrion's Campaign Zopyrion was made a governor of Thrace by Alexander the Great. In 331 BC, he led an invasion of Scythian lands, "thinking that, if he did not attempt something, he should be stigmatized as indolent". He collected a force of thirty thousand men, marched along the Black Sea coast and besieged Olbia, a colony of Miletus (which was taken by Alexander in 334 BC). You have been put in charge of our reserves with the main goal of procuring supplies for our main force. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. Another update: added Macedonia 22 - The Spartan Revolt While Alexnader leaves Egypt for Persia, the homeland is in trouble. The king of Sparta, Agis III, has taken it upon himself to organize a revolt again Macedonian rule. Alexander's man in Macedonia, Antipater, must put out the revolt before it gets out of hand. This one uses the Thessaly skirmish map, thank the original creator for all the eye candy!
  5. Update: added the next mission, Macedonia 21 - Up the Nile River. A more or less standard build and conquer scenario with a few twists. Enjoy! This concludes the Egyptian chapter of the campaign.
  6. Update: Added Mission 20: The Oracle's Quest Alexander finally meets the Oracle of Amun at Siwa Oasis. The Oracle is ready to give his blessings -- but Alexander must perform a task. An adventure like no other. This is basically a tactical RPG using 0ad as the engine
  7. Another Update: Mission 19: On the Road to Siwa (332 BC) After conquering the fortress of Gaza, Alexander was greeted in Egypt as a liberator and a living God. He set out to meet the Oracle at Siwa, and on the way, he and his bodyguards seek shelter at a small village. Little do they know that the village's warrior princess has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued while remaining Persian holdouts and anti-Greek Egyptian rebels plot an attack.
  8. Update: Added Mission 18: The Siege of Gaza (332 BC) If you played any of these, please let me know, even if you think they totally suck! Always looking for feedback.
  9. Yeah, there are actually multiple ways to win in that one but not including the one you took I have started going through the scenarios and making them a tiny bit easier, let's see how it goes.
  10. Well, I was afraid it was too easy So my first suggestion would be to play on the lowest difficult level above sandbox. Keep in mind though that for some scenarios, you have to set certain players to sandbox (read the description). The description also contains a lot of hints, make sure to follow them. Often, you have to act very quick on those hints right as the scenario starts. The other advice I have would be to try playing them with an explored and revealed map (you'll have to edit the scenarios using atlas). That should make things a lot easier. I myself have played through all of them and won but then again, I knew what was going to happen
  11. If you want to make improvements, I would be happy to give you access to the repo, just make a branch. The only thing you should not do is modify unique entities and trigger points. This campaign is heavily based on scripting, so what may appear to be random ruins or something may actually be important.
  12. Not sure. It is compatible with the 0ad version available on Ubuntu. Assuming the scripting API is backwards compatible, it should potentially work with newer versions but that may be just an assumption.
  13. Line 266 here: https://github.com/SciGuy42/Macedonia_0ad/blob/master/maps/scenarios/Macedonia_12.js Unfortunately, in practice it didn't work very well perhaps because the AI kept unlocking the gates.
  14. Just added the towers. They will be fine to garrison, it won't make much of a difference but should help you last longer.
  15. Thanks all for the comments, feel free to post issues on the github. I am nearly done with the next set of 5 missions which cover the Balkan campaign and will update the post shortly. Haven't even left for Asia yet!
  16. Thanks for the suggestion -- without giving out too many spoilers, it probably won't matter in this mission. But I'll make a note for the next set of updates. Any other way to make the walls rebuildable without placing a tower that can be garrisoned?
  17. Hi everyone, I am happy to present a 5-part campaign titled "Macedonia: Rise to Power"! The campaign covers the times of Philip II and ends shortly before Alexander the Great gains control of the kingdom. Some screen shots are included later in this post. The scenario files for A23 can be found here:; https://github.com/SciGuy42/Macedonia_0ad For A25, conversion is still underway. The first 5 missions have been converted and can be found on the a25 branch of the github: https://github.com/SciGuy42/Macedonia_0ad/tree/a25 To install, you must download all files from the maps/scenarios/ folder in the repository and place them in the /maps/scenarios folder where your custom scenarios built with atlas are saved at by default. On Linux, this should be at /home/<user>/.local/share/0ad/mods/user/maps/scenarios. Note that for A25, you also have to put the Trigger.js file from the repository into your custom mod folder. Most of the scenarios rely heavily on scripts so make sure to also download the .js files which also go in the maps/scenarios folder containing your scenarios. The scenarios feature more or less typical build and conquer mission, as well as sieges and battles without much building involved. Make sure to read the text in the description of each mission before you play it. Often, there are intelligence reports that can be quite useful. In many cases, there are multiple ways to approach the mission strategically. The AI should be set to Petra, I recommend Medium or Hard difficulty with Balanced option. It's totally fine to play it on easier difficulties as well, especially on the first try. Hope you enjoy! I am definitely looking for feedback -- there may certainly be some bugs or inconsistencies or issues -- please make note and post! I am looking to do a round of updates in about 2 weeks but need to take a break now. If my wife hears the opening music of the game one more time, I'm in trouble UPDATE Nov 2021: - The campaign is now complete with 45 missions, starting with Phillip's rise to power and ending with Alexander's death. Conversion to a25 from a23 is currently underway. UPDATE Oct 2 2020: - Added Missions 16 and 17, covering Alexander's conquest of Tyre. Also made small changes to some scenarios based on feedback from the users. UPDATE July 27 2020: - Added Missions 11-15 covering Alexander's conquest of Asia Minor UPDATE June 19 2020: - fixed some of the winning conditions bugs that were reported - added support for difficulty levels -- switching the AI between Medium, Hard, and Very Hard will now often result in effects beyond gather rate (e.g., more troops garrisoned in enemy towers, better starting teach for enemy, etc.) - Enemy units that spawn and attack now usually march in formation - Added wall towers to fortified cities and settlements I will shortly be posting the next set of five missions. Thanks for all the comments and private messages. And here are some screen shots: UPDATE June 25 2020: Added the next set of 5 missions, comprising Alexander's Balkan Campaign. Features a naval map, new scripts and triggers, and another siege. Enjoy! Some screenshots (minor spoilers): Some screen shots from missions 11-15: Shots from 16 and 17, the conquest of Tyre:
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