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  1. Just added the towers. They will be fine to garrison, it won't make much of a difference but should help you last longer.
  2. Thanks all for the comments, feel free to post issues on the github. I am nearly done with the next set of 5 missions which cover the Balkan campaign and will update the post shortly. Haven't even left for Asia yet!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion -- without giving out too many spoilers, it probably won't matter in this mission. But I'll make a note for the next set of updates. Any other way to make the walls rebuildable without placing a tower that can be garrisoned?
  4. Hi everyone, I am happy to present a 5-part campaign titled "Macedonia: Rise to Power"! The campaign covers the times of Philip II and ends shortly before Alexander the Great gains control of the kingdom. Some screen shots are included later in this post. The scenario files can be found here:; https://github.com/SciGuy42/Macedonia_0ad Most of the scenarios rely heavily on scripts so make sure to also download the .js files which also go in the maps/scenarios folder containing your scenarios. The scenarios feature more or less typical build and conquer mission, as well as sieges
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