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  1. cLgyu20.mp4 3 noobs running after you A8Y1i3h.mp4 FIGHT !! nNycScw.mp4 in newer version of the engine ! looks nice
  2. update https://streamable.com/3661q https://i.imgur.com/IU4n13V.mp4 i'm doing this alone, gimme comments
  3. made little progress. Not much time how can i include video directly!? https://imgur.com/2iRpNZI.mp4 put sound on, unless you are at work (or too scared)
  4. Thx Stan, i'll try to contact him. the map in Armory engine. Looks good ? video skip to 00:34 https://streamable.com/3otl3
  5. bah, i don't know. that's why i ask x) http://sauerbraten.org/lee/
  6. I'm looking after Lee Salzman . Does he still works on 0AD ?
  7. @imperium i really like your work . But Rome has no vital space at all and is too exposed to any attack coming from the 2 sides of the sea (quinquireme with catapults = gg for Rome) your map covers too much territory even with giant size. Your Italy's width is only 2 CC, Rome will have to use all the wood of Italy to spam boats in order to avoid losing control of the sea Below, (yes, looks horrible) this is just to show you that reducing the cover of your map, Rome can now fit like 5 - 6 CC across Italy's width Now, players can colonize Sardinia
  8. actually , Mace dominated Athene and Sparta and when Alexander died, it was split into many : Ptol and Seleucides are the 2 most famous and they fought each other while Rome was on the rise. This map is interesting . It shows the mediterranean powers before the second Punic wars (Carthage vs Rome). Carthage + Iberian ally VS Rome Gauls and Numidians (Kushites are ok) acting like a barrier And all those Greeks split in many, but the classical Greeks were eager to ask Rome to help them to get ride of the macedonians Greeks (Antigonids at that time) . At
  9. Because i think it's not helping Imperium to advice him to make some minor correction while the problem is a scope problem. It has to be redo Just look at Rome, even if he makes Italy disproportionately monstrous 2 times thicker it will remain a doomed position to start with (unland 2-3 rams while ships are genociding legions on the beach and bye bye Rome) . Also, it doesn't make sense to put on a tiny Greece : Mace, Sparta and Athene . The thing is that when Rome was VS Carthage in that time, Macedonia ruled the whole Greece. The map is too ambitious , it covers too much territ
  10. told ya.. lack of space makes this map unplayable for Rome (even more with Gaia tribes) Seems people are a bit slow to understand... or do they even read ? in my own opinion, would be better to make giant maps to recreate historical wars and create large cities . Carthage vs Rome + gauls, ibers , mace and nubians (kushites would be ok) as possible allies/ mercenaries . So centre the map around Carthage - Rome midway. Make map of inside the circle, it will be terrific Now , you can make capitals big enough (no more a cc with 5 houses ar
  11. what it looks in full hd for the moment. Bleach and Bloom shaders
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