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  1. @pAris oh stop you aren't fooling anyone. Go ahead and go updates and tell your mom of the big word you learned today, you basement dweller.
  2. @sphyrth im enjoying it too man @pAris wow man, did you have to google that big word? proud of you, my god.
  3. When ADMINS don't do there job and have some korean get on the website and type madness. Good job admins
  4. Awesome!! this is a great add on. I will put this in the backlog of things needs to be done in the next alpha that will be done in 10 years!! Great work
  5. oh man, don't get me started on issues with this game
  6. Definitely no, we'd be dead the time the game was completed and playable.
  7. @Lion.Kanzen EH, dont waste your time with beta, the game comes out this money in like 2 weeks.
  8. woo man, your going ahead of the games time that's asking alot!
  9. Now this is the best game. Can't wait for AOE2 DE to come out soon. The game will be extremely good.
  10. bro...you really gotta ask that...lol
  11. perfect then. Case is closed and no one is getting reported!
  12. @abc1 Remember man, in @Lion.Kanzen he is always right....lol
  13. trueeee that! Shoot the rules is like a reading a bible, and I promise you EVERYONE has broken them. If everyone got reported no one would be playing this. If quitting isn't the same as resigning, welp that needs to be fixed ASAP. Cause and it should mess with the players ranks. I promise you I will quit some time for who knows what. If I would get reported HA.
  14. well, I guess that needs to be changed. That's just petty.
  15. Bottom line- there is no reason to report someone for something petty like that. It's bound to happen in any game.
  16. Yes, Yes it is. You get ranked points regardless if they "quit" or "resign". You can argue all you want. Maybe this game is different, but any other rts it's not.
  17. @feneur That is literally what we have been talking about. Quitting and resigning is the same thing. Did you ready any of this thread??? lol
  18. @borg- This happens on literally any game you play. People do it all the time. if you know your going to lose halfway through the game..you quit so you don't waste time. This isn't something that needs proof. Literally, every single game ever created this happens. This shouldn't be "breaking" rules. It's what people do and it's to be expected.
  19. nah im not ashamed...its just why waste more time getting whooped lol,
  20. well yeah...i would do the same thing :p no need to keep playing and lose.
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