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  1. Is it worth taking a snapshot poll of feelings towards A24 vs A23 now, and then again in a couple of months? 

    I think my biggest worry is going to be if there is a gradual acceptance of things that are problems and a growing tendency to imply they'll be 'fixed' in A25. If a sizable chunk of the community simply find the game less fun right now, for whatever reason, their patience will be very short.

    And I don't think it's fair to tell people who claim to prefer A23 to simply go back and play that. They won't, they will drop 0AD altogether, like a stone - without looking back. There is a plethora of choice available in this genre, plenty of it cheap - if not quite free like 0AD. I'd be worried if the overriding trend is that A24 makes people less likely to enjoy playing 0AD - I wouldn't be telling them to go elsewhere. Probably because they will! 

    I'm still getting to grips with A24 having not had anywhere near enough time to play with it, so far my only gripes have been the sounds (previously mentioned) and the slight shrinking of the icons (speaking from an accessibility point of view as someone with awful eyesight!). I've yet to encounter the balancing properly, but hope to see that first hand in my first few A24 team games. And until mods are working, specifically the Spec/Monitor mod, I'm not in a position to do commentary videos on other peoples games. I'm waiting to see if that sense of drama and action has changed negatively or been lost somewhat. If it has, if the I find myself getting bored commentating on an A24 game, then I'd say the whole project was in a bit of bother and it wouldn't bode well. Naturally, I hope that won't be the case, of course :) 

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  2. On 22/02/2021 at 1:36 PM, Yekaterina said:

    I was featured in Robin's video here:

    Had to admit some of my moves were cosmic. 

    Well done @Yekaterina- your match play is really improving massively. I'm sorry we're not going to get to your A23 replays you sent me, but will be in the market for A24 replays really soon. It's only a matter of time until i feature one of your games I'm certain :) 

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  3. On 22/02/2021 at 1:23 PM, Sequani said:

    Thanks for commenting this game! Was actually tough to be 2v1 on my side, and supporting a bit the other team. I could have done better. Instead of going to Crypto, should have get down WeirdJokes on my first attack, maybe, not sure.. Anyway, I felt bad loosing with @Boudicaepic performance! GG to team 1. 

    The title could be 3v4 :D 

    Indeed, even with @Boudicaperformance, it was always going to be tough 3v4, but it was a stunning spectacle. Lets hope the mods start working properly for A24 and get back to this kind of action real soon :)

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  4. Yoda - Jedi Master

    Yoghurt - a food produced from the bacterial fermentation of milk

    Yogi - an anthropomorphic cartoon bear. Who liked picnic baskets.

    Yellow Bile -  a humor believed in medieval physiology to be secreted by the liver and to cause irascibility

    Yellow Fever - an acute viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes.

    Yellow Weather Warning - Lowest level of warning for extreme weather conditions, below amber and red. Usually means there will be flooding in parts of Wales.

    Yowsers - a slang amalgamation of 'yikes' and 'wowsers!' Popularised by the cartoon series, Scooby Doo. 

    Yowsers, I just made a mess of my trousers - someone exclaiming in reaction to a recent unexpected/scary event that they may have soiled themselves as a result*



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  5. On 21/02/2021 at 4:47 PM, Langbart said:


    @mysticjim  Can you give an update regarding the "Delenda Est" video?

    I have been working on the scripting of it, but there was quite a lot to cover. Have had to briefly switch focus to finding out how A24 works for the moment. But Delebda Est is still likely to be my next mods video :)

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  6. Hello

    So, which of the most commonly mods do or do not work in A24. On first running of A24 it threw a ton of errors at me so I slightly went nuclear and cleared the entire mods folder! Possibly I should just temporarily have took them out and reintroduced them one at a time to test, but hey ho - I've just had an arm full of Astrazenenca's Covid19 vaccine and had to get off my face on very strong painkillers as I had such a bad reaction to it! I can only begin to speculate how bad actual Covid19 is if that's what the vaccine is like. Anyways, I digress, essentially I'm mod free at the moment and not liking it! 

    I use Autociv, Fgod, Balanced Maps and Badosu's Spec/Monitor Mod.

    I'm reasonably sure Autociv will work, seeing as there seems to be native integration to it in the new Hotkey menu, although none of the above show up in the Mods Selection links to mod.io. 

    FGOD was always a manual install and I'm not clear if the latest version in the lengthy thread about it on here will work on A24

    I've emailed Badosu directly about his mod as I'm SO dependent on that now for my commentaries on my Youtube videos!!!! It has honour of being my mod of choice for showing all the populations and resources of all the players in a logical location on the screen, in font big enough to read without having to weld your eyeballs to the screen! 

    Many thanks in advance! 

    Jim (spaced out, hopelessly modless and completely feckless) 

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  7. Massive thanks @wraitii- I guess there will always be the unrealistic expectation that the new version will 'fix everything.' However, I'm still excited for A24's arrival :) 

    And thanks for clarifying the situation with the lag and the path-finding. Massive apologies if I've previously fueled the myth, I first heard about that in a Reddit post and it appeared to be the official line on the subject, so I took it as gospel. 

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  8. With the official release of Alpha 24 hopefully coming very soon, I'll be doing a video on the topic shortly covering the things I'd ideally like to see in it. A lot of it has already been documented, so there are some headline things that we know are better in the new version, but having not had chance to play it myself yet, I thought I'd ask what is the burning question to the people who have already used the development version.

    So, far and away the mos commonly asked question I get in my videos, especially the big 4v4 games, 'what's with the lag/drop in frame rate?' 

    I know, if you take away the instances of a player having a bad connection, the lag inherent to the game itself still occurs when multiple teams get around the 150 mark. My understanding is that it's a longstanding issue with the path-finding logic in the code of the game. So, has anyone tested a big multiplayer game in A24 - is this still a problem, or has it been improved - and if so, roughly how much has it been improved?

    The issue has been a big potential turn off for new players, especially those discovering the game for the first time through my videos, which is a bit sad because I think some people just can't see past it and look at all the other positives of the game and the achievements of the 0AD project as a whole. 

    So, I'm intrigued to know if this has been improved in A24 - it certainly would be a massive boost and make 0AD a more appealing proposition to newcomers.

  9. Game Chat.

    Yellow player: Why are we paused?????

    Red player(Host): Blue player has gone offline for a moment.

    Yellow player: WTF! Why?????

    Red player(Host): He said he needed the toilet.

    Green player: He was obviously in need of a Kushite! 

    Yellow player: LOL! 


    Song: Salt'n'Peppa - Kush It! 


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  10. I haven't spoken to @badosuabout his spec mod for a few weeks - but the upper left section is the bit I really appreciate in terms of displaying clear visuals for the viewer in replays, and ease of reading for me when I'm doing commentary. I still use the FGOD overlay but it's much harder to read.

    The production section - in the version I have, is still a WIP. I believe Badosu has plans for a much more integrated GUI replacement idea with a lot more matching visuals. The aim of it has always been to show the data of what each players are doing at a given time. You can easily see their build orders and see who is ramping up production, or who is falling behind, etc. From a commentators perspective, it's pretty useful. I find it really handy from a training perspective as well - you can properly analyse what a really good player is doing - where they are finding or utilising time better than an opponent.


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  11. 32 minutes ago, Langbart said:



    That's not to say there won't be midweek games ever again, but it was hectic this week with a full house. I managed to work it to have three whole weeks off over the Christmas period, the final week - this week just gone I was supposed to be on my own, and would have done commentaries for about the next four weeks plus a tutorial and two Mods videos. Instead, I have my son staying with for all of the lockdown, likewise my partner, my washing machine died and spent the week trying to relentlessly flood my kitchen - and next week I've got to find out how working from home and simultaneous home schooling of a ten year old works!!!!!!!!!! But there should always be some Sunday content, promise :)  

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  12. On 04/01/2021 at 8:26 AM, Boudica said:

    Hello there... I am not sure if it's possible for the host to selectively start ignoring your commands without causing an OOS error. But the part where you describe not being able to type any text in the chat window suggests that it was a bug in your instance of the game.

    I don't know the internals much and I've never encountered this myself, but we'll know that it's not something new when it happens to someone else. One question: Aren't you by any chance playing on Mac OS? There have been some problems with that version of the game. It might help to restart the game before matches, I think that works for some people.

    Hi @Boudica- I genuinely have no idea, not encountered it before or since. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that it was a localised problem, and no - I totally don't use a Mac, I'm a poor Windows PC person! :) I wouldn't even have raised it but for the precise times it happened - it coincided exactly with a raid on my CC and attack I initiated, and finished with almost co-ordinated precision! I guess I may never find out, and you're absolutely right - if someone had developed a way to do this, presumably at least one other person would have reported it? Ah well, unless that happens I guess it must remain a mystery :) 

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