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  1. Hi Leonidas, we just started working on Alpha 16 so we don't know all the new things yet. Also we usually only choose a name towards the end of the development of an alpha version. We have announced that we want to release the Seleucid Empire and that will probably be the final faction in "0 A.D. - Empires Ascendant".
  2. In general, the GPL is a license best used for source code, not for other works.
  3. Not all the funds have yet reached the nonprofit organization that we work with, SPI. They are being transferred in installments and we are following this closely. We are also beginning to take care of perk fulfillment.
  4. Ideas for peace scenes: Plowing fields, harvesting wheat, wood chopping, people tending to livestock in the corral, chickens running around and kids chasing them, etc.Construction work, especially of monuments, but houses are also okay.Celebration at temple, animal sacrifice, drinking and dancing. Priests presiding over the whole affair.Ancient marketplace scene: Livestock, fish, fruit, vegetables, fabric, ivory, amphoras and other pottery. People haggling animatedly and gesturing numbers with their fingers. (No anachronisms like tomatoes, please.)Trade at docks: Merchants, dock workers lugging around heavy stuff, etc. Ships and wharves in the background. More animated haggling, people signing contracts.The arts: Sculpture, metalworking, pottery, music, theater etc.Hellenes: View of Athens from the acropolis or vice versa.Ideas for war scenes: Battle scenes: Open battlegrounds, siege warfare etc.Unique formations: Phalanx and testudo.Particular generals and campaigns (e.g. Hannibal and the elephants in the Alps).Night scene: Soldiers at their camp drinking wine around a fire. Loot is seen in the background.Roman victory procession with loot and prisoners.Military training of boys with wooden swords and shields and such.Celts: Warriors applying woad.
  5. When the fundraiser is over and we verify that we have received all the funds, we will hopefully sign a new contract with Jorma and paid work will resume, including posting updates. (Jorma, get well soon!)
  6. That makes sense, I'll contact Jason
  7. Considering that each wire transfer costs USD 22, I have asked Omri if he is sure he wants the USD 29 now. My bad for thinking of this so late in the process. Edit: Omri is willing to postpone the payment until there's more stuff to compensate him for.
  8. Amazing work. Well done. Welcome to our forums!
  9. May I suggest to focus on these slogans (especially the first one - this is for a dev conference):
  10. I suggest we resolve to set aside $50 for compensating Marcel for his initiative. If he wants any more, we can revisit the subject. I think it's nicer that way.
  11. Chris Priestman has put together a beautiful piece about us at Indie Statik. He really gets what 0 A.D. is all about, and it shows: Plus, we’ve been featured in OMG!Ubuntu! and the prominent German-language website Golem.de. Some more shout-outs, including YouTube videos, can be found on our campaign updates page. Check it out! Please feel free to share more places 0 A.D. has been covered, and help spread the word to further outlets.
  12. What a great initiative! Why not? The fundraiser runs through October 20, 2013. I am willing to consider reimbursing him for a predetermined sum, if he can show us a quote or receipt. I'm thinking $50. How much does he want? If he wants the help of the community writing and designing these materials, he can start a forum thread without need for the approval of the Treasury Committee.
  13. Heinrich, I really suggest that you find some other way to contribute, like in publicity in the German language, making concept art or something else.
  14. "Informative" is like "serious", it means that the piece is meant to inform the readers, not to entertain them.
  15. Grammar isn't the only problem. The text also needs to be more serious, informative and scholarly in tone.
  16. I think a better approach is to find someone with a very strong command of the English language, a lot of experience writing in English, and a lot of willingness to help you learn!
  17. Hi Heinrich, it's very well-researched but I'm afraid the English isn't good enough for 0 A.D. for many reasons. It needs a lot of improvement, perhaps other participants in the forum can help.
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