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  1. I think my and Kabzerek work in Summary Screen part is finished now. Here are the screenshots of how it looks: http://i.imgur.com/3p6qSfD.jpg (infinity sign on miscellaneous tab, at Kill/Death ratio column, when someone killed a unit, but didn't lose any) These with unindented team totals:http://i.imgur.com/fj4knS6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/WhmqrfH.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tmT0amm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/HeBTI0y.jpg http://i.imgur.com/amkahcv.jpg After the indent: http://i.imgur.com/b53p5dx.png (notice how unteamed players are without a header or team total score) Hopefully everybody likes the effect There's still place for two more tabs, and some place on miscellaneous tab if there is something to add in the future (you could add "Strategy" and "Graphs" tabs and it'd all look fine)
  2. That's something for a separate topic IMO (and another ticket ). Those graphs are cool when you're playing with friends, cause you can say "Look, this is when I raided your village, look how your income rapidly went down! Mwahahahahaha!" I'm not sure what are we arguing about, it was on a "nice to have" list after all.
  3. To be honest? The point of summary screen is to be... A summary screen. You played a long, few hours game. You wan't to figure out what your enemies did. Let's say there's no replay feature, or that you don't have time to watch a rep. What do you do? You analyse the summary screen. In my first (played) RTS game, Dune 2, and in another one worth mentioning - Warcraft 1 - I was always interested in those filling bars, numbers. It was interesting, especially that I've seen wether I've surpassed my enemy in resources, or not. Maybe I managed to get him down with worse resource production, and I was just a better tactician? Yeah. Summary screen is important, it led me towards my liferoad in some degree, so I guess it does make sense we want to make this thing right. If there was a stat like "player type" to be added - I'd add it as a miscellaneous stat, because it's just something like a cherry on top of a pie. It's not safe to go alone, take one of these: Sorry for the OT ;P
  4. I've gotta defend the layout that I posted in the patch, because it responds to needs of people that love to see lots of numbers in stats. Most of the work was done to expand units and buildings tabs, so we got it broken down into certain types of units, it shows how did certain person play the game very specifically (ofc not too much). Leaving the tabs with two-three columns would make them as empty as conquest tab is at the moment. I kind of agree with your point on miscellaneous and conquest tabs, but I'd rather say to leave them as they are now, so they can be expanded later (as you probably noticed people are sometimes coming with some crazy, nice to have stats, that could just fit in the game). Still, it's not really my call to make.
  5. After few days of discussions on IRC and between each other we've managed to create a patch http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/686 to include the following layout (with the counters): ( just a copy paste from our doc) Next thing we're gonna work on is the task #2268 http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2268, it'll be mostly handled by Kabzerek. So heads up, wait for his post on the matter. Attached are screenshots of how it's done now. (not tagged because they're 1024x768 and take up a lot of space, so just feel free to press the links ) http://i.imgur.com/U2cQ2uc.png http://i.imgur.com/AiCKpqN.png http://i.imgur.com/seE3fq5.png http://i.imgur.com/J97X0x9.png
  6. Due to this topic: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13683 being old and outdated I have decided (after talking with Mythos_Ruler) to create a new one instead of necroing the old. The old topic started as mostly a design thing, I wanted to work on these tasks with Kabzerek: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/686 http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2268 but we've stumbled upon some unexpected problems connected with two things: 1. We are newbies in here. 2. Many things have changed during last two years of game development. 3. There are things discussed in the topic as "implemented" which actually aren't in the game (I think it has something to do with one person doing many things over long course of time which ended with a failed commit due to changes made in the game in the meantime). I wanted to suggest few improvements to contents of the summary screen. ATM it's done like this: We could add few things into the summary screen: (as proposed in the #686, forum posts and in my mind) #686: Total Resources (sum of all resources gathered)Deforestation ( percent of total trees cut by player)Kill/Death ratio (a fraction of two values that are in summary screen already)Temples built (number)Special Buildings built (number)Warships destroyed (number)Champion Units trained (changed from super units)Heroes killed (number)Favourite Military Unit (military unit with highest built count, mentioned by name)Most Bloodthirsty Hero (hero with most kills)Average Unit Lifespan ( I don't think this stat is a good idea tbh)My ideas: Tab for detailed units stats (infantry, workers, females, cavalry, champion, heroes, navy units built/lost).Tab for detailed buildings stats (houses, outposts&towers, fortresses, economic, military, resource, temples, special, wonder built/lost).Team Changes in Score tab, maybe interchangable with Team Score (explained at the bottom of this post).Under the suggested organisation there are things that I'm not sure about.Summing it all up - I think it might work better if it was organised like that: Of course it's something to discuss I'm not sure about counting Temples separately from Special buildings, but they don't really have their category after we count Houses out. (I mean, they are both Civic, right?) I'd also think about counting outposts and towers together, but im not sure about this one. Maybe one should note walls and such, or even contain them all as "Defensive". I'd suggest considering making two tabs instead of one building tab - one for Civic, second for Military buildings. Civic containing Special, Wonders, Temples, Houses etc. Military containing walls, outposts, towers, technology and production buildings separately. Another thing is the realisation of Team Scores. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2268 Do we want the whole summary screen version for teams, or just Team Score field in Score tab? (I'd personally preffer the latter) Attached are screenshots of current Conquest and Resources tab made in 1024x768 (I've edited this bit) IMO it's very noticable that Conquest tab is somewhat empty. I have no idea what to add there though. The Resources tab is here for reference, so everyone can see that there's still place if we play a bit with the numbers.
  7. Hello, Mikolaj here. I've sent an e-mail with two of my collegues to Wildfire through the form on the main site about two weeks ago. We've got an answer pretty quickly, but didn't have much time to really do anything except read trac and trying to dig into the forums (which has proven to be a hard task). Anyway, straight to the point - the mail was about joining you to work together on 0AD as a part of our university project - I have no idea how many tasks are we going to realise, but the minimal amount is one per person, definitely. In the answer Aviv Sharon welcomed us to the project leading us straight to the forums. Advising that we should write here before sending any code anywhere, my guess is - so the tasks could be marked as assigned. As I mentioned there's three of us, and all of us are computer science engineers working on our masters degree. We were assigned to find ourselves an open-source project and help to develop it, try to join the community etc. So here we are. We are all from Silesian University of Technology in Poland. So - hello to all fellow students! To be honest - we'd like to complete our assignements, and if we like working around this project we'd probably love to help along after getting our marks on the university, I can't promise anything though. Me and Grzegorz - we'd like to work on some code, as we're not really familiar with 0AD we thought about this two tasks found in the StarterTasks section of Trac: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/686 http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2268 Ania would like to work on 2D or 3D graphics side of the project, she didn't decide on anything yet, and if there's nothing to do for her (no matter the reason) - she's still a fine programmer! So we can always find a fitting task. I'd guess Ania and Grzegorz will post something under this too.
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