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  1. Mycenae (aerial view):
  2. Achean camp: Return from battle (alive!) A banquet celebrating a victory:
  3. The infamous city of Troy, before its ultimate demise:
  4. It's great time to bring a little life in this topic: Here's the palatial complex and mycenaean city of Pylos, during the time of the mythical king Nestor: Inside of the Megaron: Mycenae, during the time of Agamemnon: the king returns from the trojan war: The famous gate of lions: The spoils of the war: The palace, or Megaron in Mycenae: Palace guards and ladies from the king's relatives:
  5. @Lion.Kanzen Sorry pal, my mother tongue is french, and we say "art roman", that's why I've written "roman style" without further check... @Nescio I don't think there's any existing pure example of carolingian architectural style nowadays, so it's a start... There's also these: Baptistère Saint-Jean de Poitiers: built around 360 A.D, and baptismal tank added around 6th century. The frescoes are from the 12th century though. The building has not changed much through centuries: Notre-Dame-La-Grande de Poitiers: The construction of this one started in XIth century, and was finished in XVIth century, but it's still a remarkable example of a romanesque style church: With lights animation: Interior, with the original coulours:
  6. Other examples of frankish churches (roman style): Collegiate church of Saint Gertrude, Nivelles (Belgium)
  7. @wackyserious You definitely should commit this!
  8. That's awesome! The franks should also haven an elite unit using a throwing axe (francisque)...
  9. By the way, have you decided who the franks will have for heroes? I suppose Charlemagne, Roland, and maybe Charles Martel?
  10. Yes. I tried it but no carolingians...
  11. It appears on the contrary, that they're still not playable...
  12. Fantastic! Are the carolingians playable right now?
  13. Maybe they should have two types of priests: One on foot, and one on horse?
  14. What about Xiongnu's religion? Was it tengrism? Should there be a shaman unit available to this civ? Like these:
  15. I'm sorry, but my crossbow cavalry still isn't working, though I now have the sound, after updating svn. There is another bug with the fishing boat, the fisherman isn't rowing, but instead, he stands on the boat with his arms raised up:
  16. Here's the fisherman who isn't rowing when the boat is moving:
  17. I want to report two main bugs: 1/ No sound for units, and a serie of errors on the screen 2/ Crossbow cavalry bug: have a lokk at the screenshot: They can't attack either...
  18. I can't see any xiongnu in the last commit. Also, I'd like to report bugs, but I will do it in the appropriate topic. Link:
  19. Possible Moche civ emblems: Moche warrior: Moche war god Ai Apaiec: Moche ear ornament with copper and turquoise: Moche dragon:
  20. Don't worry, Alexandermb, these are my pictures, I can reupload them if needed . Now, i've posted them in full so everybody can easily have a look
  21. Another depiction of the lord priest of Sipan:
  22. A prisoner of war is going to be sacrificed:
  23. Thank you, Sundiata . These illustrations come from a book belonging to a serie called "les Voyages d'Alix",written in french unfortunately, more specifically from the volume about the incas, where they also show the previous civilizations. The drawings of this serie are really good. You should see the reconstructions of Delphi, during the time of classical Greece, or Rome during the first century A.D. The books are available on amazon, but I don't think they're available in english...
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