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  1. I still want to finish it, but well... The typical time problems. I'm currently finishing my Bachelor thesis and should have some time after this (next week). Maybe I find some time and motivation then. And it is a little bit more to do than just adding the statues. I should add the statues, fix some textures and some really ugly uv-stretching. But it's all not that difficult and can be done in one evening.
  2. I can try to do this, I should have some spare time the next days. Exspecially the UV stretching is something that I really shoudl fix
  3. Ok, I exported it into the engine. Here are the files, I added and the blendfile I used for exporting. And a screenshot. It would look better with ambient occlussion, but I didn't get it running. We need it as option in the graphics settings wonderUpload.zip
  4. Ok, so here is the blend file and the textures. Should I export it to the engine, or do you wan't to look over it? If I can improve something, tell me romeWonder.zip
  5. I really like the way, how Cossacks does this. You can group a commander and certain amounts of soldiers (of the same type) in a group that gets selected together and fights together. But you don't have use this feature and sometimes it is even better not to use it. But I don't think that ten soldiers always in an army is such a good idea. They would be to expensive to recruit them as a reaction to something and the recruiting times would be higher. And if you don't make the army ten times more expensive than a single soldier, you destroy the balance and the population limit is faster reached.
  6. I know it's almost ages ago, but I found some time and motivation to continue working on this. I just don't like unfinished projects
  7. I am not sure about slavery in a RTS, because it is at some point political and every game has at some kind a message. So making slaves the better or only workers would be wrong for me. They should have some important cons. Maybe they could die after some time of working (because of working to hard) or they could start rioting, when the slaves/worker/soldier balance is wrong. This would add a massive strategic layer, too.
  8. Ok, two other suggestions to make assigning units to resources easier: 1) If I have 20 units selected and want them to work on some farms, the current way to do this is to select groups of 5 and send them to a farm. Some other games (for example the Stronghold series) do it like this: You can select all 20 units and if you do a right click on the farm, 5 of them get deselected and the move order. This allows you to select all 20 units and just do the right-clicks on 4 farms and the units are assigned. 2) Maybe some "return to last working point"-feature. If you use some soldiers for economy and defence it all ends up being chaotic after defending an enemy attack. You have to reassign all your soldiers. A button that sends them to their last work would make this a lot easier. Btw: respect for the new pathfinder! I played some matches and no units got stucked, even when building some "house labyrinths". It seems to have a positive effect on the AI, too, making the game harder. And there are no framedrops on my laptop, even when having more than 200 moving units on both sides. The framerate goes down to 9, when zooming out. But one year ago it was sometimes unplayable in these situations.
  9. I'd like to see, how many workers are working on a resource.Because after a few defenses, it's all chaotic (at least if you don't use many women). In EE2 you can go with your mouse over the resource icon and it shows a statistic about the workers. I think, this would be a great part of a administration tech.
  10. Yes, it just uses the same texture and looks quite the same, because of that I haven't given up on it, but I don't have much time for it.
  11. Shouldn't it be possible to create them procedural? The quality would probably never match the quality of a hand-made animation, but it would be created fast.
  12. I know, it gets annoying, but you could still make better use of your texture space, by scaling, rotating and moving your island, so that there isn't as much black on the texture.
  13. My current progress on painting the pediment. The texture will of course be downscaled later
  14. The formations wil probably find their way back, when there pathfinding and performance works
  15. I miss a possibility to import blend maps for some materials from a file and to choose a height multiplicator for importing height maps. And maybe a export function for heightmaps. If this features would exist, you could create the terrain with some erosion simulation software like Worldmahine. Software like this produces much more realistic mountains.
  16. Maybe it gets better if you apply a sharpen filter in your image editing program.
  17. Full Render bakes with lighting. You probably don't have any light or ambient occlusion and if you render an image, the fox is black. Textures is the diffuse map
  18. Yes, it is, but I used the spec map as specular color and mixed it via fresnel/ior. The gold is in the diffuse color, but there is also a white in the spec map. The effect is, that mostly the glossines is chosen, which appears to be gray because of the environment. I fixed it, by multiplying the spec map with the diffuse map and using the result as input for the Glossy shader. This results in colored reflections, which is correct for the metals but incorrect for the non-metals. I'd need a metalness or specular color map to be physically correct, but I don't have one It's just a fast done shader for showcase, so there is no need to create extra textures just for this purpose. And I'm currently working on the pediment texture
  19. You have material layers in Blender 2.72. Assign a material to the fox, switch to texture paint mode, go in the Toolbar to the tab called "Slots".Here you can choose, on which layer you want to paint and you can create new layers.
  20. Yes I used dirty vertex colors and some other bakes for texture painting. And it should use the gold, because the columns are copied from the Mars temple, but my Blender shader isn't able to show it.
  21. Is it ok to use a 512x256, or better 512x128 texture for the pediment? Because there will be a lot of wasted texture space or texture stretching, if I use a square texture.
  22. Yes, I extended it into the ground. And sorry for the bad screens. I hope the following ones are better.
  23. The statue is now on the top of the building. There are some seams on the normal map, which I need to fix. And the new texture for the pediment needs to be created.
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