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  1. The statue's texture is nearly finished, now. There are just some baking errors I have to fix now. What texture resolution should it have?
  2. I don't have so much time, because I'll write a not unimportant math exam at Thursday, so my progress isn't as good as I hoped. I created a lowpoly version, unwrapped it and I'm currently working on texturing. I really like the new Blender release canditat's texture layer manager The texture is very work in progress and there are still some baking artifacts that I need to fix.
  3. How are campaigns planned? Will there be an official one? Will there be the possibility to chose between mutliple campaigns in the ingame menu? Are there any ideas or plans for campaigns? (I'd really like to play a Julius Caesar campaign, maybe I should make one, if I have time )
  4. I want to reuse two of the statues of your screen to place them on the columns on the stairs in front of the temple. And the jupiter statue with the horses and the quadriga on the top of the temple. I'm currently working on a lowpoly version of this model
  5. My work on a Mid- to Highpoly version of the statue, which I will use as a base for fast retopology and for texture creation. Still some work to do...
  6. All the black stuff will be the player color. And the column bases are black and some specular. Ok, one custom texture for that statue and one for the pediment, or both merged in one? What resolution are you using for that?
  7. Just some sreens of my progress... And you're right, I forgot to click on the "import units" checkbox. The temple is now somewhere between the gardens and the big temple. The next step will be the statue on the top of it. That's the more interesting and difficult part
  8. I think that it sometimes really depends on the map. I played on the Akropolis map with a medium Petra AI and the AI wasn't able to de even one attack. It only build 6 buildings and it looked like it didn't have the space to develop. But I sometimes doesn't even have a chance against the same AI on other maps, because it's sometimes really aggressive. Btw. does the AI cheat, like in many other strategy games? It doesn't seem so, but it's always good to know
  9. I've imported some meshes and copied some stuff from them, too Thats the footprint of the hanging gardens (left), my model (middle) and the big roman temple (right): As you see, it's almost square. I've changed a lot of stuff, so some more screens: There are still the doors missing. And the temple has on all pics a bronce statue of Jupiter on the top of it. I'll have to model it, too.
  10. Yes, I played some matches against the AI, but not enough to judge, which buidling set is the best. I played at first th alpha 16 and wasn't that impressed about the graphics, because of the quite low texture resolution. But it looks really good and you don't really see the low resolution with the build from the svn and a tweaked config file, probably because the ambient occlusion, the normal and the parallax mapping hides it. I've just experimented with animations and I'm currently reading a book about character animation in Blender, but I have quite much to learn here and I have nothing to show. I've imported some assets in blender, but haven't exported them. But I read the tutorials about it and think that it shouldn't be a problem (I've worked with a way more complicated workflow, when I modded Medieval 2 Total War. The engine is a pain to work with...). I did both nature and architectural assets equally and didn't focus on one of them, but I liked architectural stuff a little bit more, although I think it's the harder one. I also did a lot of characters during my modding times. Most of the pics got deleted, but I found some: http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/big/app2-ap.jpg http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/big/app2-c6.png http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/app2-d0-821f-png.html But that was about three years ago We had higher standards in the team, I've joined after this and we had a highpoly-lowpoly workflow for almost everything (scultping a highpoly model for normalsmaps and ambient occlusion bakes) and I worked on a human, but I'm struggling a bit with getting the highpoly face and musculature right. But I should be able to do some characters, too. And I'll ask questions, if I have some edit: After some more playing I have to say that I really like the greek buildings
  11. My first approach to uv mapping, using the rome_struct texture: Next step will be some props and details. I'll probably use the following picture as reference:
  12. I've started the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter, I hope that's not a problem. Here a very Wip screen (after 1 or 2 hours): It currently has 1,7k Tris, but there are still a lot of details missing and some things need to be fixed.
  13. Position: 3d Stuff Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Name: Tobias Location: Germany Availability: Average of 3-4 hours per week, maybe more Age: 19 Occupation: [i'm studying computer science Skills and Experience: I've started modding Medieval 2 Total War, when I was 14 or 15. I worked as 3d artist for the german Espadon Online for the last two years. Currently I'm coding and doing some 3d stuff for a project called Zedalos. Beside that I worked on some private game and mapping projects, using the Unreal Engine, Cry Engine, JMonkey Engine and some own OpenGl code written in Java and C++. But I've never worked on a project that has a realistic potential to get finished Motivation: I want to work at a project, where I can see playable results, being a small part of a finished game. And of course I want to improve my skills. Short Essay: I found 0 A.D some years ago and followed the development, because of my general interest in game developing. I don't want to work at full time, but I want to create some models or animation, when I feel the need of doing some 3d stuff. I program quite a lot, but sometimes I'm not motivated and want to do something else- that's when I create some 3d Models or scenes. I'm working with blender and have done quite a lot environment stuff and not that much animations. But I need to learn that, too Interests and Hobbies: making art, spending time with my girlfriend, hearing music, reading books and programing (for university and Zedalos at the moment) Favorite Game: The Total War series. Work Examples: http://www.zedalos.org/gallery/gallery-cityhouses1/ (just the modeling, not the textures) http://doomtobi.deviantart.com/gallery/ (some really old stuff) http://developinggames-doomtobi.blogspot.de/ (a german blog, where I posted some stuff, I've been working on)
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