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  1. woo Im curious what program did you use to make this? blender? Nice work
  2. Hi, I was wondering if it's planned to allow building in allies territory, that would be a neat feature. Keep up the good work! Your game is getting awesome
  3. I just tried the desert map and is very cool. I tried the cove but for some reason is not working. The game frozens when the map is being loaded. I'll try to see if i can debug it.
  4. wow lookin good, looking forward to try it
  5. I think we need the .pmp file too as i am having an error that says "unable to load terrain data"
  6. Hii , Im the guy from the 0ad facebook lol. This maps looks awesome however, I couldn't test it because the .pmp file is also need as that file contains the terrain data
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