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  1. Yes, the formation is also the factor and you know that is one of the performance killer. I am not familiar with the formation code, but a single turn consists of something like follows: Independent units move Formation leaders move Formation followers move Yes that sounds practical. I have never known executor pattern. You have more knowledge about multi thread than me.
  2. I think giving threads to each pathfinding calculation for single unit is effective. The pathfinding calculation depends on previous turn, but doesn't depend on other units on-going movement. And some path results takes much longer.
  3. Do you want to say arrows and fish are too small so they are hard to find?
  4. kanetaka


    Yes, it could be. The long path finder knows they have to detour, but the short path finder has a fixed sight range and when the units get close to the goal, they switch path finder from long one to short one then they forget to detour. You can set way points to work around by shift crick.
  5. kanetaka


    Now I replayed it and took the profile. Let's take a look. The replay was took on Windows 8.1, Core i3 1.8GHz, RAM 4GB. X axis plots 1 / 20 number of turns and Y axis plots milliseconds per frame. In ideal situation, one turn equals 200ms in single play and one frame equals 16.7ms at 60 Hz frame rate. Thus 34:50(2090sec) should be Turn 8320, which equals 416 in X axis. The total never exceeded 200 ms, but this is a replay so it doesn't include any graphics at all. On my machine, the total almost always exceeds 16.7ms, means I can't expect 60 FPS anytime. At 416, I can't find any prominent peaks. I guess there were temporal lags before 34:50 so actual 34:50 was somewhat earlier. At 379, FindEconomicCCLocation stands up to 97.98ms and ComputePath makes plateau from 384 to 392. From these heavy load the total constantly exceeds 100ms so I conclude 34:50 was around 379. Maybe total simulation update should not exceed 100ms per turn. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/EngineProfiling maleg's_profile.txt
  6. kanetaka


    Hi maleg. Thank you for reporting. I am also concerned about lag from path finding problem. You can find commands.txt by date and time you played. Open C:\Users\your_account_name\AppData\Local\0ad\logs\sim_log and you will see many folders but the timestamps are the end of games so you can distinguish them easily. And you can open those files by text editor and you can read map names and match settings etc. like following: start {"mapType":"skirmish","map":"maps/skirmishes/Acropolis Bay (2)","settings":{"CircularMap":true,"Description":"Each player starts the match atop a large flat plateau, otherwise known as an acropolis.\n\nTo the East lies a large bay with fishing opportunities. To the West is a rugged hinterland with an unclaimed acropolis commanding the valley below.","GameType":"conquest","Keywords":[],"LockTeams":false,"Name":"Acropolis Bay (2)","PlayerData":[{"Name":"Player 1","AI":"petra","AIDiff":3},{"Name":"Player 2","AI":"petra","AIDiff":3}],"Preview":"acropolis_bay.png","RevealMap":false,"mapType":"skirmish","AISeed":0}}turn 0 200With commands.txt we can replay the game and it would help the development . But multi player games are hard to replay for me, so single player games are appropriated.
  7. Japanese and Chinese(Taiwan) Language MODs for Alpha 18 are also available. jalang-0.0.18.zip zhlang-0.0.18.zip
  8. I recommend Ρόδος / Ródos(Rhodes in English), where is famous for Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Siege of Rhodes (305 BC/304 BC) was one of the conflicts in Battles of the Diadochi. And Rhodes is also renowned by "hic Rhodus, hic salta", a quote from Aesop's Fables.
  9. Strings in lobby aren't translatable yet. See http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2489 for detail.
  10. IME support is an important progress for Asian users. Good job!
  11. My previous post was wrong. The problem still exists. But the mod works fine if it is unzipped. I am sorry to report late.
  12. I tried the mod and it worked fine. Thank you.
  13. Recent svn can't display East Asian fonts. I doubt this has been since mod selector is introduced. East Asian fonts are distributed as mod(http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Installing_East_Asian_Locales) so we launched pyrogenesis.exe with -mod option in Alpha 16. Now we get the screenshot below. I use a laptop with Windows 8.1 for your information.
  14. Very interesting. Good performance measurements demands asceticism of you, no web browsing, no game, etc. Good job!
  15. Thank you niektb. I don't know that the spam filter is a strict spell teacher like him
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