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  1. maleg


    The problem is much more complex... Resources are not released after the game ... If I have any lag while playing and I started a new one, and in the new game will lag. Helps only a complete restart of the client. Video of problem: commands.txt commands.txt
  2. maleg


    Is it same problem? If units near crag then they can't find path to build construction.
  3. maleg


    And what does that mean? Just as it is impossible to play with lag ...I think according to this in multiplayer so few people.Beg the developers to increase the priority of solving to this problem.
  4. Suggestions: do spectator features for multiplayer
  5. maleg


    http://www.twitch.tv/road_to_win/b/650059686 34:00 - appears in the smooth movement of units 34:50 - freeze commands.txt
  6. maleg


    http://www.twitch.tv/road_to_win/b/649617136 3:57:47 - start lags...
  7. maleg


    Mar 15, 2015 (16411P-release) from package. The problem is manifested, regardless of the map and manifests itself as a local game and the game in multiplayer. Specifically, this log was placed on the "Corinthian Isthmus (2)" local game vs AI. But same problem occurs in "Caspin Sea 2v2" local game with 3 AI. I think that this problem should have highest priority. File commands.txt will not be able to found, because too many games played.
  8. maleg


    Much freeze units. Population: 230 Play with AI 1vs1. Ubuntu 14.04 64bit Hardware: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ff324fd7d67d9fc1b722 Profile in attachment. profile.txt
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