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  1. pre-fabbed cliff faces also wouldn't be as flexible (working in different kinds of maps) and might get a little monotonous
  2. yeah, their men were their walls - whenever I play 0AD, I am usually Spartan for that very reason
  3. sounds like a nice map, you are very descriptive
  4. yeah, I remember that Warzone2100 map, but I forget the name as well - it would be really cool, but I agree that it doesn't have a lot of playability; the pathfinder would make it too easy at one point, I thought of a maze map, but thought that a top-down view would also make it too easy, but it looks better with a more complicated maze and wider roads
  5. when I make maps, I usually start from scratch
  6. square maps would be great if the minimap changed its shape, though
  7. I think that campaign should come first, people can make their own game modes in the game
  8. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, United States. My name is actually Josiah Hamlett, but my friends call me "Siah" and so my name here is Siah + first letter of my last name GMT is -6
  9. thanks, guys, now I can add more cool stuff to maps
  10. well, I think that a broader range of resources would make the game more interesting
  11. How hard would it be to put objects in the map editor for stuff like fire, smoke, steam, etc?
  12. it's hard enought for some computers to play the bigger map sizes that are already there
  13. would there be a new kind of building for weaving cloth or something? Reasons Water Minerals/stones Cloth Special Minerals If you would like to make small team for this then that would be awesome if not just point me in the right direction
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