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  1. It's indeed much easier to express your opinion on a particular post without having to clutter the topic.

    But i'm not really the confused face is actually used to express your confusion. I feel its meaning has become something like 'Wut? Why would you say such a thing?' but that might just be me lol :P 

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  2. just as a tip: enable all fancy graphics when you create such showcasing screenshots, it becomes much more attractive that way ;)

    Also, as the creator of the original map, I would like to make a few comments on the map design :): 

    • I haven't try to play it so I can't comment on how the maps plays but it looks as if the two players on the most northern island have much less resources than the other two.
    • On the upper two islands you can see quite a bit of texture tiling (especially in the flat areas), you might be able to take a few clues by looking at the original island and see how I blended the textures together and got rid of most of the texture tiling :) 
    • The small island in the northwest could do with a bit more effort I think, try to come up with some fancy spots and terrain features to make it more interesting! (but don't overdo it, keep it natural and realistic :P)

    Other than that, a nice idea for an extension! :thumbsup:

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  3. Not sure if it could help (or more: give some clues by looking at the code behind it) but it's possible to draw very small texture paths in Atlas by setting the brush size to 1 and then use the right mouse button behind it :) (not sure how it works but it seems like you can paint edges instead of tiles, I always used it to create softer edges and transitions without straight angles :))

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  4. 4 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

    Not really gonna help because it won't say what texture is broken. What you can do is open Atlas and test every model from the civ/mod to figure out which one breaks the game

    Or open units_demo.xml (or something like that) :)

  5. Nearly all mics come with shock mounts so you don't need to worry about vibrations being picked up by the mic. If you find yourself in a noisy spot then your best bet is a dynamic mic like I mention. However, only very few of these come with built-in USB audio interface and they generally don't sound as good either :( 

  6. Really depends on the environment you're recording in. The Blue Yeti is a so called 'large diaphragm condenser' microphone, which generally captures a nice detailed sound. But if you're recording in a somewhat noisy environment, you can expect it too pick that up too... :) 

    I for once tried (a rather expensive) one in my room but it picked up too much noise from the (rather busy) road next to my house. Instead I went with a 'dynamic' microphone which doesn't have that...

  7. Is it an idea to do a short announcement on ModDB that Rise of the East is turned into Terra Magna (with a few fancy screenshots showcasing the zapotecs) whilst renaming the page / subforum etc? (seeing that the release announcement points to the Github website rather than ModDB ;) )

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