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  1. Yet another random map generator

    Hi ! Thanks for your quick reply. Except your first three points which are not problematic, I would say maybe I wasn't clear enough about the painting (textures and objects) used in the library. I'm conscious they could be greatly improved using the rmgen library. Actually, I didn't pay much attention to them and the way I use them is only a proof of concept to illustrate height based area creation. In other words, what is good and new (hopefully) in my filling algorithms is the area definition. The painting and actors placement are a quick and dirty hack and you're right to direct me to improve it. I'm not quite sure I have fully understood the rmgen code yet, but AFAICS, createArea rely on placer objects of various kinds. Maybe a way to achieve a better integration could be to create new placer classes which could be used like the existing ones. I already had the idea to supply some functions which would return a tile class using the data created in the library (slope, terrain kind and so on). Maybe it could be placers too, and so I could remove from the library all this painting and placing code which lacks generality. Friendly,
  2. Yet another random map generator

    Hi everyone (and happy new year !) Here come the code changes asked by @elexis Please note there is no new functionality and this library version works not with previous posted scripts. This is not an update !!! So, I created two new object definitions: one dedicated to the height map creation, another one for map decoration, each one can be used independently. There are no more simple functions in the library (except a private one), only members functions. Similarly, I removed all global variable uses in the function and replaced them with parameters. I think the code is now fully encapsulated, but it is not final yet: I have to set default parameters and rework fully the comments. Please tell me if this fits your requirements... Friendly, yamg.zip
  3. Yet another random map generator

    OK... That's easy to do. I'll try to add some little (useful, I hope) things, and I will post a new version very soon. Friendly,
  4. Yet another random map generator

    I don't forget this project and I'm still working (rather lazily ) on it. But I have no substantial advance to show yet. Thanks for your interest !
  5. Female meshes modification

    ... or civs differences, like skin and hair colors.
  6. Female meshes modification

    I mean mobile structures which could be packed and moved elsewhere just like catapults.
  7. Female meshes modification

    I had the same idea... Which kind of buildings should we use ? Tents and some mobile homes ? It could be an interesting idea.
  8. Female meshes modification

    Maybe I should ask a moderator to move this thread to a general discussion about Amazons !
  9. Hi everyone, You'll find here slightly modified female meshes. Not a big deal... just to give female actors a (IMHO) nicer look. If @stanislas69 didn't suggested me strongly to post it, I would never have made public this personal modification. In the game, the differences are quite unnoticeable: Original meshes are on the right. A better view in Atlas: (people offended by breast nudity shouldn't open this) You'll find the modified meshes used by the game in the first archive. If you don't already know where to put them, create the '../art/meshes/skeletal/new' folder in the 'mods/public' of your local folder. Friendly, newFemMeshes.zip amazonMesh.zip
  10. Yet another random map generator

    IMHO, it comes much more from the algorithm working with squares. If you try with tRough = 0.5 and tProgress = 0 (this is the plain fractal algorithm where the noise factor is exactly scaled to the edge size), you'll find those squares are still there. They are very efficiently hidden by a high noise factor of course, but the drawback is the terrain becomes hard to use for players. That's why I introduced the tProgress parameter to choke the noise factor when coming to details and smooth them. Now, your solutions: are certainly efficient, but I wonder if they're really needed. I created some hundred maps with the tour, and I would say less than five of them exhibit an obvious issue like the one we're discussing, only visible from particular point of views. I leave the point to discussion. Friendly,
  11. Yet another random map generator

    Unfortunately, it's not a bug but a feature Most often those artifacts are unnoticeable but if you look at any map from zenith at sunset, you'll see them: At times, it creates some weird alignments like the one you marked.
  12. Yet another random map generator

    Hi there ! Since winter is coming, it's time to deliver a new tour: Snow is of course the most prominent feature. It is disabled in savanna landscapes because there's no snowy baobab in the game for now (cruel lack !). Now, the maps conform much better to the various ratios settings (water, mountains, snow). It's done using a height histogram. So the tour no more produces empty seas or inaccessible mesas as before. I think I'll work on actors and structures placement now but there is still a point which puzzles me. As everyone can see on the picture, transitions between snow and grass are ugly. I think I read somewhere it's possible to improve that, and if someone could point me to the trick, it would be great. Thanks for you interest and support... BTW, how much time left before feature freeze ? One week ? aNewTour.zip
  13. Yet another random map generator

    It was a joke, and a way to acknowledge clearly most of the code in the script is yours. BTW, I didn't dare to keep this call: // Apply simple erosion for (let i = 0; i < 5; ++i) splashErodeMap(0.1); in my quick hack, but you can try inserting it around line 315. I feared it could interact badly with cliffs, but I may be wrong. If you want to test that and other things on the script, I have introduced: const seaRatio = 0.1; const mountRatio = 0.15; You can tune the water and rough terrain ratios in the map with them. Not fully accurate because the height map is cropped to the map size and to a round shape, but it's better than setting those levels only from height range. And of course, this rules the bumpiness of the map: var tRelief = (MAX_HEIGHT * mapSize) / 400; // 200 < reasonnable values < 800 I have too a water erosion function in my papers, but as you say, since it's impossible to have water at different levels, it's of little use, except to create dry valleys or bogs. Friendly,
  14. Yet another random map generator

    Hi everyone... Does this remind you something ? Of course, it's Caledonian Meadows shamefully hacked. I replaced here map generation with my own code, and... Maybe you can even play it... It's your fault, you all ! If you were not urging me like that... That's right. tProgress and tRough rule the noise factor attenuation. The problem is you don't need the same noise at large scale and details: you may want high but very smooth mountains, or a rather flat plain with very chaotic terrain. I think I can't deny anymore... Friendly, CalMeadowsHacked.zip
  15. Yet another random map generator

    @elexis: Certainly, it's exactly what I plan to do. Rmgen has a lot of fine and useful features. No need to rewrite them. @FeXoR Should be a nice "last chance fall down" if other attempts fail. Thanks... @Servo Thanks for your interest, but there is no random map script playable for now. You'll have to wait a little. I have still a lot of work ahead. Sorry...