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  1. that concept happens to the asians Dynasties. where the Marvel to choose give the bonus
  2. they can be in tech tree implmented Chose a Marvel and the tech tactical and warriors. or like Age of Empires asian dinasties, you can build a marvel to advance to ages or phases. other some wonder are most sucessful in some maps, like Island Map and Iberian Wonder. or Csrthsginisn Wonder. maritime or small winder can be the best. or in Canyon valley, or Alpine Rivers Rms.
  3. edit 1: finding... edit 2: here http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?601618-Fantasy-from-Rome-total-war&p=12868010&viewfull=1#post12868010
  4. wow, congratulations you give us a next level of GUI.
  5. is probably one of departament with less people. good to see you join.
  6. i saw in a list of how units can be more realistic. under Sacred band of Baal.
  7. what do this new building how works, what units can train or what technology can research.?
  8. how works this, or what is the difference in the experience with Lan match? you can have a server?
  9. can be a alternative plus gameplay, that game Rise and fall i only saw in youtube, but is very atractive as hell. the heroes blowing the sword.
  10. is some feedback, the original is good but they don't have copyright. you can do some similar in my opinion, i don' t know what Mythos Thinks.
  11. be careful with the feathers, and the head. http://farm5.staticf..._7e16af0f57.jpg https://upload.wikim...emy_Soter_(1878)_-_TIMEA.jpg http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/scale_medium/13/136036/2458467-egypt_mon_256.png
  12. i saw one of your draws in total war center fan page.
  13. Loorgood was good to do it all those buildings, or lil stewie can say how can look.
  14. that guy Palantius can do it , i think, but the eagle can be similar to the trac, but other colors.
  15. i noticed the animals, but a military units would be more important? but i hope new guys can do it.
  16. some units are not animated, like elephants? is bug or they can't have one?
  17. StarCraft Six levels of AI script difficulty have been crafted for StarCraft II—very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard and insane. The Insane AI mode is the only one which "cheats". An Insane AI's workers will gain 40% more income than normal workers. For example, normal workers will gather 5 mineral in each trip. An Insane AI worker will receive 7 minerals for each trip rather than 5. This is also true with the MULE and with vespene gas. With this increased income an Insane AI will be able to stay in one base play for an extensive amount of time.
  18. all civs are have infantry workers. i don't know what a guy can change that. but what other features you mean?
  19. not all Rms are descripted here? i dont see the canyon map and forest map.
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