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  1. You should make a ticket for that on Trac. I actually have a similar issue where most maps seem to crash when I have 'fancy' effects enabled.
  2. I actually didn't. I accepted that you disagreed on whether the comparison was apt. So it shouldn't be necessary for someone to leap to your defense.
  3. Hard and very hard Aegis bots can reasonably be said to be overpowered in that they use resource cheats. I do not believe that applies to medium and easy bots, though.
  4. Meh. It's not really something I should have to defend myself over. I see no evidence that emitters are a better solution. You should be able to think otherwise without sparking any major collapse of the universe.
  5. Can we also leave out UnitAI then, since it wasn't put in by the map designer, so the player must truly not care about it, right? I guess it's another of those pesky things that come down to personal preferences.
  6. I imagine it is simpler if you have a clear idea of what sounds you want where. But if you look at a map like this, the designer doesn't really seem to have given much thought to aesthetics/realism, and still it can go on to be popular, and "shape" the multiplayer experience. So we can let those kinds of maps "rot in hell" so-to-speak as far as ambient sound is concerned, or we can at least let the sound follow the general theme of the layout and terrain.
  7. Eh, I'll beg to differ. I've seen plenty of maps in my day where the designer was a far cry from having thought of everything. If we can reduce the number of things to think about, while the leaving the option open for those who want to, I don't see what would be wrong in that.
  8. Well, I wasn't really talking against allowing the map designer to place an emitter. Just suggesting that many custom maps would probably benefit from something more automated. I doubt the average map designer thinks of desert winds and chirping birds when imagining their map - they think of choke points and resource distribution and that sort of thing.
  9. Right. Maybe a toggle when placing the terrain could implemented, if it can be done in an uncomplicated way.
  10. I would personally recommend the idea historic_bruno suggested (above and elsewhere) of having allowing terrain types to specify an ambient sound. So, if a big patch of desert is in view along with a bit of water, maybe the main sound that would be played would be a "windy" sound along with some quiter wave splashes. (Even though water isn't really a terrain type, so it's not the best example, but hopefully the idea is clear.) This would mean people making custom maps wouldn't have to go through the hassle of manually placing little emitters around every map they make - the sound would arise automatically from the terrain types they use.
  11. I didn't get anything too spectacular, but for your random inspiration:
  12. We need to animate that mill wheel
  13. Collision detection can induce a performance penalty, depending on its accuracy.
  14. See http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#OSX
  15. There is a ticket for the repair rate: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/633
  16. Right, that would probably make sense.
  17. Oh, right, he means a way to 'browse' through the factions in some manner, I guess.
  18. Skirmish maps will not rely on triggers in any way. They will likely just be a variant of scenarios.
  19. What would be the point of a character selection screen? We don't have 'characters'.
  20. I currently waiting for this. I don't know if there is any movement on that front.
  21. I am visiting the Pergamon Museum in Berlin over the weekend: Let me know if you have any requests for something I should investigate for the game The main attractions are obviously its reconstructions of: The Pergamon Altar Market Gate of Miletus The Ishtar Gate and the Processional Way, Babylon The Mshatta facade But there is also a collection of authentic classical antiquities including "architectural remains, sculptures and vases, as well as inscriptions, mosaics, bronzes and jewellery": http://www.smb-digit...highlights.1100
  22. Well, the Book of Genesis is Old Testament, right? That alone probably accounts for the single deepest and most inflamed point of disagreement between Christianity and mainstream science/history for the past 150 years.
  23. I appreciate your disclaimer, because I know a scholar or two who would strongly dispute the veracity of that statement
  24. There is no "multiplayer system". The networking model is something integral to how the engine is designed. If someone wants to create a new engine from scratch we obviously can't stop them, but people would probably be reluctant to commit something that would tear up all existing gameplay and AI functionality. Especially given that the gains overall are questionable.
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