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  1. Well, it wouldn't be the aim. The aim would be to get as much of the 'codebase' (which is actually code, data and binaries) over on Git. SVN would (reluctantly) be kept around for the bits which non-programmers need to be able to update easily. But the point is moot if the programmers aren't comfortable with it either.
  2. Yeah, I can imagine it being tedious with additional steps on every update. As suggested above, non-programmers would update the same way they do now. Only difference would be that they don't get the C++ source code as part of the update (since, as far as I can tell, they don't need it - they rely on the autobuilt binaries which reside in SVN).
  3. With respect to line-endings, have you tried the per-repo setting described here? Though I agree that any changes to the revision control system needs to be thought through, I'd be wary of the "we have no problems, so why change it?" type of thinking. The problem with SVN is that works well for maintainers (those with commit access), but poorly for everyone else. This potentially stifles development in ways that are invisible for the maintainers.
  4. Spurred on by various comments here and elsewhere, I've been thinking about how this project (or some part of it) might be migrated to the Git revision control system. My main realization has been that (correct me if I am wrong) there are actually two seperate projects hosted in SVN: Pyrogenesis and 0 A.D. This made me wonder if it would possible to migrate the Pyrogenesis project (that is, all the C++ code) to Git, while letting the 0 A.D. project (that is, binaries plus data) stay on SVN? SVN might contain a build script(s) which would fetch the latest version of the Pyrogenesis source code from Git and compile it for the given platform. This way, getting fully up-to-date would still be as easy as "svn up; fetchandbuildpyrogenesis". Additionally, the 0 A.D. repository could be split into a "binaries" and a "data" directory, such that those on non-Windows platforms need only download the "data" directory. What would the shortcomings of this setup be and can we address them? (And do we want to?)
  5. I believe the rain on the Punjabi map is rather crude. It's more like raindrops hitting a windscreen than actual, three-dimensional, environmental rain.
  6. Looks excellent, IMO. I'd definitely include it, if only for high-end machines.
  7. Well done, mate. In your view, which effects are missing before the engine's capablities are on par with AoE3?
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