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  1. I'll be AFK for a bit, but will be checking by phone every now and then.
  2. I wonder what could have happened that would require such a drastic step, though. Hopefully the errors you get are not due to some odd, completely unrelated bug in the engine.
  3. No, everything, including Git's "knowledge", is stored below the root Git directory. (In .git subdirectories.)
  4. The most drastic possible step would be to delete your root 0 A.D. Git directory and clone it anew from my repo.
  5. Wow I believe git clean removes files that may not be tracked for git reset.
  6. Are you completely positive that you have updated workspaces and recompiled? The JS error you get should not happen in the latest versions of the executable.
  7. No, you should only need to pull from zootzoot. If everything else fails, you could do: git reset --hard ede7f185cded23542dde6fc01689912d2dd5b7d9 git pull zootzoot attack-notification Note that this will delete any commits you may have made since this commit. But it should make things work. (It does for me.)
  8. Or maybe what sometimes happens is that other, non-blinking dots are drawn on top of the ones that do blink. Unless there is an easy fix for that we can probably ignore it for now.
  9. I take that back, it does seem to work now I must have failed to compile properly the first time I tried. If it works fine for you, I consider the latest commit on my branch good to go: https://github.com/zootzoot/0ad/tree/attack-notification
  10. I have the above suggested changes in my branch: https://github.com/z...ck-notification It compiles and I don't get any errors when running it, but unfortunately the minimap blinking does not seem to work. Perhaps you made a mistake in the merge?
  11. Also, have you recompiled? I believe this error should be fixed in latest 0ad/master: ERROR: CXeromyces: Parse error: gaia/flora_tree_carob:1: Element VisualActor has extra content: VisibleInAtlasOnly
  12. I believe you also need to add the 'source' argument back on: Armour.prototype.TakeDamage = function(hack, pierce, crush, source)
  13. Seems someone (historic_bruno) has made modifications to MiniMap.cpp while you were away. You'll need to merge these changes into your own branch such that your code fits the layout historic_bruno has introduced. (I would do it, but I don't know the proper semantics of the minimap code.) http://git-scm.com/book/ch3-2.html#Basic-Merge-Conflicts
  14. I'm getting merge errors when I do "git pull 0ad master". Am I doing something wrong or do you get that too?
  15. Are you using an NVIDIA Optimus card? Others are experiencing similar errors: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17444
  16. A problem where your hardware fails (in this case by shutting off) is always a hardware or driver issue. A properly functioning graphics card or CPU should never shut off no matter how hard a video game tries to abuse it. My best guess would be that the cooling on your CPU is clogged somehow (typically by dust).
  17. I guess that is the process that is stalled though.
  18. Sure. If people are supportive of the idea, we'll need to flesh out a more specific plan, which you could then involve them in. I imagine it would involve leasing a virtual server at AWS or somewhere similar. Is this the www.wildfiregames.com and/or www.play0ad.com servers? I assumed those were web servers, but I could be mistaken of course. For running things like the autobuilder we would need a full server with shell access.
  19. They seem somewhat off in terms of historical accuracy, though I agree they would be cool character-wise.
  20. There doesn't seem to be too much progress on this, though some plans were drawn up. Would anyone be opposed to doing it like this: It seems to me that a server where multiple trusted people have access, under the orderly conditions offered by SPI, would be the best guarantee against it stagnating in someone's basement (or whereever it is these things tends to stagnate ).
  21. I don't know if this is what you have in mind, but while you're at it: If you look at a video like the one below, you will see that when units come under attack, a short animation is played over the minimap to attract the player's attention to the location of the attack, even if they are currently looking somewhere else on the screen. In this case (AoE3), it appears to be a cross-hair expanding in size, then receding again, but different games use different animations. We currently have a WIP patch for attack notification here, which IMO works really well, but it does lack this touch of "guiding" the player's eyes towards the point on the minimap where action is occuring. You currently will sometimes need to scan through the many dots on the minimap to see which ones are blinking, which can be distracting in the midst of battle. I don't know how easy it would be to implement such an animation, but maybe it is something you could consider.
  22. No, but I was talking about other copies that your computer make, such as those stored in the memory and cache. If your computer didn't copy the bits it receives from the server, the page would only be able to be presented for a split second on your screen (and properly incorrectly, since it wouldn't be able to parse it).
  23. Basically, yes. The CC-BY-SA license has two main requirements: 1) attribution, and 2) "share-alike" (also known as "copyleft"). Attribution means that if you make a derived work from a CC-BY-SA licensed work, and distribute it to a wider audience, you have to credit the author(s) of the original work. Crediting the authors just means that you have to specify who made the original work, and that your work is based on their work. If you distribute your derived work in a .zip file or something like that, including this information in a .txt file should be fine. If you display your work directly on a website, you would have to include the information on the website. The main point is that anyone using your work should be made aware whose work it is based on. Share-alike means that if you make a derived work from a CC-BY-SA licensed work, anyone may also use your derived work under the terms of the CC-BY-SA license. So, for instance, I would be allowed to make a derived work from your derived work, as long as I credit you properly etc. Other than the two main requirements above, you obviously also have to abide by ordinary copyright law, so you can't use any works whose license don't allow you to make derived works from them. A slightly more tricky point you should be aware of is that, if you make a work derived from multiple original works, the licenses of all the original works has to be compatible. That is, if you derive your work from work A and work B, the license terms of work A and work B must not conflict. This tool can give you a rough idea which CC licenses are compatible: http://www.web2rights.com/OERIPRSupport/creativecommons/ Note that CC-BY-SA version 2.0 is not compatible with CC-BY-SA version 3.0, though, so if you combine CC-BY-SA licensed works, you have to make sure they are all under the same version of the license.
  24. This is not really an appropriate place to answer questions, but if you post them in a separate thread I'll be happy to discuss them, along with anyone else who may have a view.
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