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  1. Is there any chance to get the Israelites in game? I think they are a really interesting empire, they were really big during the ancient times and held a very culture and architecture which surprisingly still exists in certain forms. What do you guys think?
  2. You guys don't understand. We can try and deforestate deep forest and won't because it is too hard. What I mean is that we need to add to many storage buildings along the way and buy more and more workers. If trees had 300 wood instead on 200 this would not be a problem. Maybe a variation in trees, some with up to 400 would be nice. We are forced to move way to fast sometimes. Sometimes it's before I reached the second age or even built some barracks. Take not on this people: - Building just a port with 3 fishing boats is equivalent to almost 4 trees. That is insane.
  3. After playing some matches on normal mode, I have reached the conclusion that resources need to be richer. I would say a 50% boost in every resource would be ideal, specially in trees and metals. My reasoning: - After every match I played, they would last about 20-30 minutes because I was forced to attack before I ran out of resources near me (meaning expansion was inevitable.. but I had to fight for it) - Reaching the third age was almost never done because resources were so hard to get and the match was finished before I even got there Finally, my main reason: - I have never been able to build a wonder on a normal 1v1 game. This is because resources scarce way too much and end up being less useful by the end of a match. I would rather but 20 units then a wonder, since it takes time and resources I don't have. So, stop the deforestation! We need trees to hold more wood, since it is the most needed resource in the game and the hardest to find. It depletes too quickly!
  4. This is my first post ever.. Yes! Exactly what you described and maybe even more. The pre-battle screen seemed a bit rubbish when I tried it first.
  5. Okay, in no way do I know how to code or make models or have the time.. I am just a player who came up with an idea. What if before entering battle there was a screen for us to choose which faction your are playing, but it looks much like WoW's character selection screen? Something like this: http://www.gophoto.it/view.php?i=http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PzqJr9uhbVg/TsrMUgWWbSI/AAAAAAAAAWw/Pa_KfQqw9nU/s1600/character-selection.jpg#.UYhZ7ivwJhM It would loo amazing if someone could do it . Or at least a sketch of it.
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