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  1. That's chump change in the defense industry. We currently have about $500,000,000,000 USD worth of military aircraft. That's 1/3 the value of the military aircraft we had in 1990.
  2. I haven't decided whether there will be an open testing/evaluation period. Please start a new thread if you wish to discuss that issue. Thank you.
  3. Er, that's what we currently do. Please read our responses above.
  4. Currently, we publish Monthly Reviews that you can find here and on the front page. There are also Developer Articles.
  5. On the other hand, Caesar may have orchestrated his own death. To me, that's a probable scenario.
  6. Established by the Entertainment Software Association, the Video Game Voters Network "exists to empower Americans who play video games to take action against threats to this entertainment medium and to stay informed about the latest issues that could affect our choice in video game entertainment." The issues highlighted by the ESA affect you, me, and everyone involved with video games as consumers and developers. I strongly advise readers of this news entry to visit the following links and take advantage of the resources provided. While the Video Game Voters Network caters to Americans, those residing in other nations should learn about these issues and recognize when similar legislation emerges locally. Video Game Voters Network www.videogamevoters.org Entertainment Software Association www.theesa.com
  7. I hope he knows how to take photos for our texture artists... We should probably have guidelines published for that sort of thing.
  8. Research and analyze that which prompted the crime and enact legislation and/or resolutions that either ensure that such crime does not occur or lessens the risk of occurrence of such crime. Easier said than done; however, passive reactive systems are far more expensive in terms of lives depleted, the resulting effect on local and global economy, and the resulting inflation of opportunity costs.
  9. ...especially when you slurp up some of that thick fur...
  10. There is no punishment great enough for the crimes against humanity that Milosevic, Hitler, etc., committed. The whole "punishment system" is flawed in the sense that the system reduces the severity of a crime to a measurable sentence. Instead of a system predicated on revenge disguised as "justice", the more effective solution is to remove these criminals from the time and space we occupy. Aggressive prevention systems work far more wonders than passive reactive systems.
  11. I've been told that 19 is the final year of teenage stupidity. Feel free to be stupid all year! You won't get another chance.
  12. When will 0 A.D. be released? I guess we should adopt the mantra made infamous by 3D Realms: "when it's done". We understand that you can't wait to play 0 A.D. We're excited too. Hell, I can't wait to play 0 A.D. and, generally, I don't even like RTS games! Since I'm crazy, I can't wait to test 0 A.D. either, but hey, that's another story altogether. The bottom line is that 0 A.D. is being developed with emphasis on quality and fun! Commercial games are developed with emphasis on profit and profitability! We're not interested in charging the Wildfire community for enjoying real-time interactive strategic and historical warfare entertainment. We're not interested in building a powerful franchise with a strong brand portfolio. We're also not interested in competing within existing markets created by existing (or future) commercial titles that are merely derivatives of their predecessors. Now I'm going to take a chance here and step away from the consolidated opinion of the team... I believe this is a wonderful team that is so honest and intensely modest that they do not realize how talented and brilliant they are as game developers. I've been a member of the team for a short time, but I think this team is professional and highly collaborative. This team isn't comprised of a band of newbie programmers or amateur game artists who don't understand the importance of planning and getting things done. This team is comprised of die-hard RTS fans who absolutely adore the prospect of being able to play 0 A.D. one day with their friends and especially with the loyal members of the Wildfire community. I know the mantra I mentioned is disappointing. You can be guaranteed that we're disappointed too, but rest assured, when this game is ready, you will know about it.
  13. I'm going to buy new headphones soon. Check out Ultrasone. I'll probably get these. As for SpeedLink developing the best headphones for the computer... I really don't know what Desmond is talking about. The best headphones for the computer are the best headphones period. Those happen to be Ultrasone.
  14. The minimum and recommended system requirements for the 0 A.D. title are not finalized. The published requirements data is intended as system objectives; however, this data is flexible and may change in the future.
  15. I hate MySpace. I have two accounts: one personal, one music. I still hate MySpace. The MySpace web application is horribly written, managed, and the MySpace HTML templates were apparently designed by programmers. Oh yeah, there's no support either. Whoever runs MySpace Music thinks "world" music isn't a genre... Sometime ago, I planned to establish a competing site, Campus Cronies, that would be positioned to focus on connecting students of all schools around the world, but I couldn't interest any programmers to work voluntarily (despite profit-sharing offers.) I continue to hold registration of the domain campuscronies.com.
  16. There will be anything and everything that a) improves the quality of our product, we have the time and willingness to implement, and that c) we have the time and resources to test. Basically.
  17. The problem with that approach, Belisarivs, is that we would need to develop a lot of documentation to ensure that code contributions are up-to-par, and that all would-be contributors understand our quality standards. Moreover, quality management for a closed-source computer software project is problematic and difficult already. Quality management for an OSS project would require much more managerial work from us, and thus, you would never get a chance to play 0 A.D. as we would not have time to complete development of the title. You don't want that, do you? I'm not firmly against the OSS option; however, at this stage in software development, transitioning to the OSS option would be quite unintelligent. Also keep in mind that OSS is not the equivalent of "free software". For example, post-final 0 A.D. we may decide to provide developers with licensable open source technology in the same manner as Epic Games' Unreal Technology licensing, Valve Software's Source Engine licensing, and id Software's Technology Licensing Program. We have a solid team in place for development, and development is continuing. There's no reason to throw the project to the wolves, even if the wolves are hungry.
  18. Surprisingly, I typed in that URL to find that the user who posted that article has the alias "cptmorgan". And I thought my alias was unique! Bah!
  19. Unfortunately, Morning's Wrath is retail. 0 A.D. will be free!
  20. That document is outdated and contains incorrect information about testing. This thread is intended to help me gather questions for the new FAQs document specifically regarding testing. The questions by community members here will be answered in far more detail.So I ask community members to continue inquiring about 0 A.D. testing while ignoring the answers provided on the current and outdated FAQs document that Quacker just posted.
  21. The login and cookies functions were working fine until today. What did you do, Tim? What did you do!? The world's going to end, I swear.
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