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  1. I do have some ideas for this faction: Civ Emblem: Menorah Hero Units: Judah Maccabee (led the revolt against Seleucid rule), Simon Thassi (a younger brother of Judah; established Hasmonean independence), Salome Alexandra (a wise and skillful ruler; last ruling queen of Judaea) Wonder: Second Temple of Jerusalem (before Herod the Great's refurbishing) Military: The majority of fighters in the initial revolt would have been irregular light infantry such as slingers. Later on, as Maccabean forces grew in size, discipline, training, and equipment standardization, a typical soldier would have been armed and equipped along Hellenistic lines as a thureophoros type. It's possible that phalanx spearmen were also present. Cavalry, too, were used: light bow-and-javelin horsemen as well as heavier armoured Hellenistic spear cavalry. Judah Maccabee is described as wearing a corslet, and wielding the captured sword of Apollonius, governor of Samaria.
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  2. I like your idea, but put to put a different way and massive warfare these seem really interesting CBA and risk
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