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Team Bonus: Share a Unit with you allies.

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In Age of Empires HD (2013) certain factions have a bonus with which they share a unique unit.

I know this is not possible even in 0 A.D. and I think it would be a good idea for factions like the Mauryas or the case of the Numbers to share a unique unit or with a special bonus.

In AoE it works like this.


Condottieri are available at the Barracks.

if you are being an ally of Italian you have access to a new unit. (Additional new unit)

same with Berbers in African Kingdoms.


Genitours are available at the Archery Range.

@Stan` @Freagarach @elexis @Angen

Is it possible to program this feature?

This would work as follows.

  • if you are not allied, no additional icon will be shown.
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