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Found 6 results

  1. The thread for unit textures and props, except shields. Shields are another thread. All unit textures will need specular maps. @Sundiata and @balduin can provide more references and commentary. Attached, base textures: kush_female_base.psd kush_male_base.psd Unit Roster Civic Center Kushite Woman Nubian Spearman Barracks Nubian Archer Fastest archer in the game, like the Mayan Plumed Archer in Age of Kings:The Conquerors. Meroitic Pikeman Perhaps make available after researching Sarissa at the Blacksmith
  2. I mean for modding and the game itself dark color marble. darkmarble.psd
  3. Today i was making the celtic unit props update, so when we talk about the spears i realized that everything is getting updated but the Weapons texture is still outdate and very low resolution wich make some weapons like swords like rubber toys so here are a few testing (Specially the bloodie weapons). Wildfire Art department: @LordGood @stanislas69 @wackyserious First textures were baked following the prop.weap.dds uv but i will change that to a better space usage and less repeated staffs or blades (Maybe include Aged weapons) Here the testings on celt sword: Comparisson w
  4. I started work on an assyrian auxillary infantryman. Now I just need to see how to get it in the game. Here it goes!
  5. Hi everyone, I just wondered: Are there features planned for importing terrain textures generated by programs like World Machine, Geosculpt etc.? Regards, Niektb
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