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  1. Timing. Getting to know how long you need to do ____stuffs like building a tower, catching a pig, upgrades, and getting your army moved across the map or into position for a play. But timing is just one area among many ... glad to hear you are enjoying RTS and 0 AD.
  2. Myself, I stay away from freshwater tuna. Just sayin'
  3. The order in which the mods are loaded will matter, too. Load 0 AD first and then load the other mod.
  4. Those words would reflect your mind, yes? Please try to change your mind bro. And the words will take care of themselves.
  5. So let me do my best to answer my own question. Perhaps others should still ask themselves the same. 1. I like to play RTS. 2. I am not prolific but my code is written with diligence, and I am always learning and trying to improve. 3. I have played RTS for over 20 years. See #1. 4. To call 0 A.D. a game is too polite. More like a screwed up science project. That's how I see it. So I come to contribute and only get trolled and labeled a complainer by the dev team. So let me get back to my question and see if my answer is any different next time.
  6. I'm just scared. When I contribute, like my last suggestion about battle alerts, it gets called a "complaint". Why should I stay involved with 0 ad?
  7. I agree that the player should not find it difficult to know if they are under attack. I share your pain. But reading the alert... reading hmmm..is anti-pattern for video games? I strongly suggest using audiovisual cues, similar to the ideas @wowgetoffyourcellphone and others have shared in the battle sounds thread. Here's what I suggest. When I play regicide games, I can see whenever my hero is taking damage because the hero,'s icon flashes with an overlay color. Let me make the strongest point I can here. In regicide this visual alert approach just works. I know when I'm engaged and my hero is taking damage. That I cannot even now tell you what color the icon changes when it flashes really tells me that this is good UI.
  8. JavaScript has its own, shall we say, interpretation .... of int and float. I would check any maths added to trade.js?
  9. Really I just would like a louder, better alarm sound when being attacked. I have lost too many bases because of it!
  10. Anyone can make a game. I think listening more to gamers is essential to making a fun game.
  11. @(-_-) Are you following the fork or otherwise leaving? Your cogent responses have inspired me in the beginning, here.
  12. Thank you for that @Nescio. I am not here for drama. Your kindness will be appreciated very much.
  13. Disappointed that @feneur with mod rights can edit people's posts, by @Nescio in this case. Perhaps Nescio has mod rights too and can edit his own. That would be the issue, although it's also disappointing to be ridiculed.
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