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  1. So somehow "slavery" is so unacceptable to the core devs that slave units were removed... Yet somehow "misogyny" is so acceptable to the core devs that the women remain nerfed. Change please. Moral consistency is OP.
  2. I have placed relics in my maps and they seem work for both A23b and A24 dev. So is it the victory condition for Wonders that is your problem, or is it also Capture the Relic victory condition has a problem too? When I find some time I will load up that Med map and check it.
  3. What do you think the bb stands for in your troll username and why would you even push such a narative? I think you do it to yourself, it's just an opinion. Enjoy the ban.
  4. sudoAD would do for me, but I've no real idea where all the user data telemetry is going...on either fork!
  5. In a map I'm making (1666) I replaced some trees as decals and placed them so catapults and large units cannot pass through them. Done it on a couple, actually. I probably got the term wrong, not decals but... it's like placing units except these are the trees you cannot chop down for wood. It's laborious to map it this way but it seems to work.
  6. I understand you, I am suggesting that changing the map's water depth would be the fastest way to achieve your goal. Imho there are larger game issues atm to be addressed. For the GUI, I hesitate about calculating the additional pathfinding each turn. Hey why not rush a tower in that spot and perhaps with a house too, then you can build the dock further south?
  7. That's not a good place to build the dock imho and as it's a strategy game involving choice I like the challenges and consequences that evolve from making decisions like where to build my dock. But if its a continuing problem then just make the water deeper (by that shore) in the map itself.
  8. I have been working on a mod for the Caribbean, and therefore welcome and encourage mapping efforts for these beautiful island habitats. So far I have only mapped some Bahamas and Cuba using a subset of the tropical textures. @Marcus Brutus Bombastus nice work!
  9. Not to digress but I would be keen to know more about Echelon in this context of player rating and accountability!
  10. Timing. Getting to know how long you need to do ____stuffs like building a tower, catching a pig, upgrades, and getting your army moved across the map or into position for a play. But timing is just one area among many ... glad to hear you are enjoying RTS and 0 AD.
  11. Myself, I stay away from freshwater tuna. Just sayin'
  12. The order in which the mods are loaded will matter, too. Load 0 AD first and then load the other mod.
  13. Those words would reflect your mind, yes? Please try to change your mind bro. And the words will take care of themselves.
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