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  1. Anyone can make a game. I think listening more to gamers is essential to making a fun game.
  2. @(-_-) Are you following the fork or otherwise leaving? Your cogent responses have inspired me in the beginning, here.
  3. Thank you for that @Nescio. I am not here for drama. Your kindness will be appreciated very much.
  4. Disappointed that @feneur with mod rights can edit people's posts, by @Nescio in this case. Perhaps Nescio has mod rights too and can edit his own. That would be the issue, although it's also disappointing to be ridiculed.
  5. About all I can say is that if you use the banhammer it should be fairly applied, and not capriciously relaxed for friends. Nobody but the corrupted supports corruption.
  6. So from what ive gathered, you know this place and this repo and this crew. So I want to underatand, are you indeed confirming that some people can evidently (and quietly) change their posts on this forum? Because it seems to me that all you have done so far with your reply, really, is to come upon a single voice being raped by many entitled voices, and you have only jumped into line (with a smile emoji) to take your turn too. That seems self-serving of you @feneur, or covering for your friend, as opposed to being either helpful or investigative for example. Open-minded is a concept, yes? To be clear, with only about two posts under my belt at the time, I mirrored nescio's language in my reply on purpose. Because I didn't know the markdown for quoting. @Krinkle perhaps my initial comment was more spot-on than I thought. Has anyone else here beside me given you the DR mechanics feedback you asked for?
  7. @Sundiata This works in my mod! So please come and play it. I've tested on some but would like to see about as many existing maps as possible. It really changes the gameplay (better in my opinion). @asterix please let me know too if you like it!
  8. Was my contribution committed? Nescio commented to the OP @krinkle on June 23 that (my) patch had been "submitted" so I responded to this thread, and perhaps the genuine disappointment in my voice was felt in that post. I look now at that first post and he said my patch was "submitted". So yeah, that's a bummer feeling to face on my end. From the phab issue discussion it would seem that Nescio has no vocabulary deficiencies and may even be skilled with language.....so why not use "accepted" for my patch in the first place if that was the case on June 23. It would have avoided confusion and coincidentally not made a newcomer like myself feel like this repo might have been taken over by squatting trolls. Too bad we can't discuss the OP topic here...why not? I would like to, now that you've engaged me. Aloha
  9. This should be great for my interior thalassic artist, thank you. Is it part of A24 or would it be committed to the "dev" repository? How would I access it?
  10. Just a few months ago, I submitted my first contribution to 0 A.D. as a patch for this issue. It was tagged "beginner" by @Imarok. But either feature creep or no room for a newcomer like me? Idk I tried. So ...metaphorically speaking, and sadly too (which is why I'm expressing it) "Diminishing Returns" seems so far to describe the investment of my interest and time toward 0 A.D. in the less than four months since I came here to be a modder, mapper and FOSS contributor. I would point out that a more sensible simulation would be to add people to work the land and improve the yield (not diminish it). But that would have been beyond the scope of this issue. The DR mechanic is being mis-applied as a "feature" when it would be better used to sim other gameplay dynamics. So yeah, no one else here cares about my contribution, so you probably shouldn't either?
  11. But ideally I would like to play with a minimap... just smaller and with a compass heading and user-customised to the right side of my screen UI ... I remain interested in this topic and encourage progress. Ross Bolymon!
  12. Thanks for the help, found the object name (at least in A23): Engine.GetGUIObjectByName("minimapPanel").hidden = true;
  13. Um would vote to have mini map either right or left depending on user setting... but meanwhile would like to make the minimap just disappear, makes the game more fun for me. beyond control-alt-G is there a setting to obliterate my mini?
  14. T -13:00 I decided to watch, but it's just 13 minutes until match time (18:00 UTC) and there is nothing at twitch/chaffcommandercoffey So ... what am I going to watch?
  15. Guys, I am here now. Everything will be ok, don't worry.
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