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  1. Does anyone playing 1vs1 rated anymore? Current rating as well as the topic idea for 1vs1 rated games has no point to actually fight for rating. Most of already don't even do rated games as the rating means nothing in the game. you can't decide about someone's skill level if game is not balanced, so at that point the rating system is already useless "point system works so well like game isn't lagging at all". stockfish or someone else rated 2k+ lost vs vinme, vinme (1540 something like that) got maybe 40 points while 2k+ lost maybe 15 points? - seems like no logic here Actually the topic idea seems just to add free points to make higher rating. What it will help/ fix by adding more points to you or others?
  2. It changes a lot for eys. Current maps aren't too nice looking. I really like the images added to this topic, hopefully performance will be good.
  3. All images added from 0ad in this topic are the new changes to maps for a24?
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    Emp replay's

    @Boudica @Pudim @R4PT0R adding our gameplay here commands.txt metadata.json
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    Emp replay's

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    Hi everyone, Like some of you know that I used too be hosting most of the games every single time before I had huge break from 0ad. Today, I have joined several times Lodbrog hosting as I never had issues joining his or even hosting myself. Each time lodbrog hosting had full list of players, drop. Again, drop and drop. 3-4 times like that. Every person in the host had "losing connection". So I decided to host as I had no issues with connection (strenght of the connection: excellent) . Ofcourse once all joined i lost connection. That isn't issue with my or lodbrog broadband's. Magically fpre comes with his host no-one has any lags, no issues with the connection. Issues with connection to anything has stopped. (my broadband was still working while ddos was going on just really bad connection to people or disorc. Everything else was working perfectly) Before someone claims: "it's just issues with broadband or it was one time ". I suggest too block checking someones IP even for some "dev's" like or especially fpre.
  7. Yes, i did that counter a lot of times. Issue is: person who does dancing has less work, so once noticed he swap units and issue is back. You may kill some of them, new will come "shift quene will end with that", so we come back to the same issue as before. We lose more soldiers than our dancing enemy, which equals to upgrading his units to rank 3 and having more units than we do. Dancing doesnt require a lot of work. You can shift quene moves as well.
  8. @bb_ For dancing you need to do really small distances with manual dancing. From 1 up too 2 steps. left, right, top bottom = dancing, spaming. Once patrol removed there is no other way to actually dance. Manual dancing will kill the units.
  9. Script which calulates moving clicks, once noticed as spam kills the hero? Ofcourse switch off patrol for mp.
  10. What assets are you using? Own? What textures for ground are you using?
  11. You are glad because your unit getting promoted but your enemy troops are trying to kill person next to them which often happens they are shooting person who is getting promoted: "bullets has been wasted". Instead of that they could've kill way more people around the person getting promoted. Imagine also your 5 troops getting promoted. That's a lot who canno't be killed. That is happening a lot during multiplayer matches.
  12. I did play first one. I dont remember 2nd. Last two unknown. (could be lack of advertisment as each year i am checking strategy games which are coming out. ) I played the "normal ones": age of empires, stronghold, settlers, warcraft 1, 2,3 etc. Sparta (or something like that) starcraft a little bit but not big fun about it. Anyway, I hate Ancestors Legacy for having so beautiful graphic but destroying game and all fun with battallions. Simply we all have different taste in games. Currently from A21 ( from start till now 0ad never been using battallions). Instead of them, we have formations. Feel free to use them, so I don't understand whats your issue here. With the first two I don't agree. I can do that as well, it was few of us who was doing that on the start. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Could someone explain me whats 42? Noone sees issue with luring. ech
  13. Imagine: 1 ele stands and attacks, cav run hit , run hit. Cavlary won't stand in front elephant and ask him "how are you". Anyway thats not the topic about that.
  14. We all have different wishes. I created this topic about current build of 0ad and current gameplay. If would be changed completely now i would do whatever i said before.
  15. If that would be another total war game style, I would uinstall. :| Reducing my abillity to raid, fight in smaller groups. Still its all about random stuff. I think it could be done by script "anty-spam" click on the ground. Once has been detected auto kill hero, if only 1 life per match... He lose him for whole game.
  16. @Sundiata Sorry my fault. I didnt get what you said firstly, now i got it. My fault, sorry. Still dancing would give some advantage of doing it. Few units can be more important in many cases than we can think of, but it would help a lot.
  17. For you it is a bit different if you don't play multiplayer. Main issue is on multiplayer, so all changes can be done excluding single player / ai fights.
  18. @feneur test it by yourself if you wish: Take 1 hero (cav is best for that but still on foot does his job as well) with addition take some slingers with you. Lets say 10. Enemy: Spawn 50 gaia troops. Your job is simple: select your hero as the frontier (meatshiled) when enemy ranged units will be attacking your hero click left to right (spam like that, really short distances like 2-3 step) It will look like you hero dancing while enemy ranged units will not get any kills. If you do it correcty. They can always add "default stand as an option. Some people prefer to play "normal speed". @Gurken Khan
  19. Borg mod has 1 perfect idea done there. 1 hero = 1 life for the match. Once ur hero dies he can't be reproduced until next match but he still have 3 chances as each nation has 3 heros with different bonuses. Still that isn't the perfect solution just by itself. That's why I wrote the topic with some ideas how to "at least reduce". It doesn't hero stands in front of other units. Your units face hero, his range units kills your units from the back. Hero simply dont get hit as he move from 1 place to another place. Each unit has own "recoil" for shooting as I am aware of which means if recoil is not 100% accurate then your units will always miss their shoot. You have option to move forward by losing already men with no fight at all but then you stop, enemy moves back, still he gets kills, you don't or at least too small numbers. Lets say: from 100 enemy kills 50%, while you can kill 20% and enemy rank up his units for free.
  20. So you are saying I will be losing less time while clicking each other unit? Definitively I will be killing less units than i should or should actually try to select each unit to attack any other unit? Seems a bit like troll answer, no offence but currently looks like it. How to upload a replay from my game? JC is abusing that all the time but there is many, many more players who started to abuse that as their win for all, even with normal soldier. It helps a bit, just for a shorter time.
  21. For you seems funny. For most it is most hated thing in the game. Your troops focus the hero you cannot exclude attack on that hero which means hero stands in front all ur skrim, archers shoot hero. Missing all "bullets" so yes it is huge breaking game. Come and enjoy that during multiplayer. Also you dont need to spend time elsewhere as you are already on "full eco, full armor" within 10-15 min.
  22. Hello everyone, 1. (no combat) Luring units - it is great idea to lure enemies or wild animals but I believe it is too simple to lure your whole army. When you hit for example hero, he will run as far as the other unit die. Luring gaia is fine like that, but for player the default stand of the unit should be "defensive", instead of simply aggressive. Which will allow you to lure ur enemy 1 by 1 but for shorter distance as units will automatically run back. Wild gaia animals would be still ok to be lured and eaten by our cavlary, chopped and puted to the cc. xd 2. (combat) Luring while fighting with big armies - I think when it comes to fights, units should attack closest enemy instead of following 1 unit which is simply running away (best example: take ur cav hero as a frontier, then move back to the back of ur army and simply each soldier will follow him, while enemy army will simply start killing your units.) Yes, I can do that manually but currently I think top players abusing that as the advatange of the game, not as a player. (kinda lol) What could be the solution for that? If player select hero to attack, they will try to kill him mainly but if no selection has been made units should attack closest enemy. So if low HP unit will run away system should "leave it" and let player decide about that. 3. Hero amount of deaths - I thought mostly borg mod will have another illogical ideas such as eles being killers of the mighty spear cavlary... there are some amazing ideas. Main one is: 1 life for hero per game. You have 3 picks. Once all die , you are left with no hero. Deal with it. 4. Dancing with your unit - Yes, most of us knows whats that. How to simply fix that issue or at least reduce it? Remove patrol option for multiplayer. Did anyone use that anymore for patroling city in multiplayer? Not talking about newbies. None of us using it. I was one of the first starters who abused that, sadly. (there was maybe 1-5 people before me) Sadly, it is getting frustrating when you play team games and you know that none of them would actually do that in real life. Another idea for this is to add a script which will react to multiply clicks on the ground without selected unit which will be counted as spam move. To dance manually u select an unit then u click from 1 point to another. As fast as you can so you will miss all arrows. By removing patrol and adding checker of spam move (clicking) dancing will be reduced at least. What do you think about that? I don't think spamming clicks on the ground of 1 unit should belong as ur main skill.(dancing) Simillar stupid idea was in Borg mod which had elephants being op killers of spear cavlary. xD ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º) @ everyone else lol @Feldfeld @Hannibal_Barca @elexis @borg-
  23. Reworking all civs so all of them has the same units its a bad idea, if understand it correctly. Currently all civs are special in their own way and all of them has pluses and negatives. Hopefully the last sentance of this quote won't be added.
  24. I have no idea where to put a bug report so meh. I was hosting today 3vs3 on mainland, my minimap got bugged as hell. Didn't see any troops moving everything happen when achelao was joining to the game, valihard got disconnected. When both got to my host my map freeze. bugf.zip For now I have restarted the game few times, seems ok. bugf.zip
  25. 1. Did any of vanilla or borg team thought about adding tiredness of troops? When it comes to troops I doubt army in reality would be able to fight non stop until the death like a zombies. 2. It would be nice to see troops building tents / camps while resting and small sets of fire to keep them warm. Ofcourse while they are doing that ur food goes minus . 3. Barracks what I hate about them is that.... somehow they jump out of barracks from any direction instead of simply walking out of barracks using front entrance / back entrance (if there is any) 4. Everyone is hyped for soldiers doing eco in our matches. That's great idea but I never seen a soldier in full armor gathering wood, did you? ..... Probobably u could see but whatever.. Troops while on eco should have their armor , weapons with them. Lets say they would need to get slaves or at least go in to barracks and grab their stuff. Someone raiding? Be careful, leave some troops to protect ur eco. Spear vs raiders work great isnt it @borg-? 5. Season winter, summer etc would be amazing addition to the maps/game itself on the same map. About eles and cav fighting I already explained whats my issue with these to Borg and few others so pointless to explain once more. (more like I don't want to repeat myself once more lol) Some ideas may seem crazy but I think definitively some of them would add realitic gameplay.
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