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  1. Great idea! So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get coding buddy! :-)
  2. http://jonasjensenart.deviantart.com/art/Age-of-Empires-Town-Center-255469105
  3. I think that means the game engine has no problems handling such big maps whatsoever, but the pathfinder and unit AI aren't designed with maps of that size in mind. There's a good chance that a lot of the performance improvements, which are in the works for 0 A.D, will make your map run a lot smoother.
  4. pesapower, I think you've made your case. If there's interest from our side, we'll be in touch.
  5. pesapower, I've looked over your website and cannot find anything regarding how your service works. How does it detect malicious users before they try to brute force? What exactly is the service you're offering? Is it just an IP blacklist? These are things you should be open about. Looking further, I don't see any API documentation. I see documentation about a library, which I cannot download until I register for your service. But nothing about the working of the API. Also, since you're in the business of security, I find this little part of your documentation very interesting: One thing that I also wonder about: how do you warrant privacy for 3rd parties (the customers of your customers)? Your privacy statement talks about a person's personal privacy; what about their users? Since I cannot access your library and do not have any API documentation, I can't know exactly -what- is sent to your service, but there is user data sent along with every API request I'm sure. What happens with this data? What is stored, where is it stored, how securely is it stored and what is it used for? While I think everyone here appreciates you offering your services, I honestly don't see it happening with the current tidbits of information you have provided. Especially not in exchange for advertising space. I thank you for your advice about the Wordpress problem though. I have remedied the issue.
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