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Turin 2006

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Who here is planning to follow the Winter Olympics in Turin? I cant wait for the opening ceremonies tomorrow ;)

I seem to have an uncontrollable urge to type the following...


Couldnt resist B)

Anyway, if anyone wants to check out some stuff about the Olympics, heres a couple links :D

http://www.torino2006.org/ENG/OlympicGames/home/index.html - Official Site for the 2006 Winter Games

http://www2.fiammaolimpica.it/ - A neat flash file on the Olympic Flame

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Canada hasnt been doing that well in the last two hockey games, we have get it togather if we want to slaughter the Americans again.

But, I don't listen to olympics much, I tend to have problems with the whole concept, that I think partially flawed.

I tend not to look at the politics of the olympics- this is one of the few events I try not to analyze as I just want to relax and watch some wholesome entertainment.

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Hah! You Canadians are always so sure about your hockey gold.. Just watch it -- you'll be SO disappointed when Finland takes the gold from right under your nose! :P

Well, I dislike Ruthu (I'm typing it bad I think) for what he did it to Jagr. Shame is, that whole team seemed to appreciate such action. I'm dissappointed about it. I thought, that Olympic Games are about fair play, not slaughter. I wouldn't be surprised if Canadians would do it, as they are well known to enjoy fighting rather than playing fair, especially when loosing, but Finnish!?

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Oooooo! Lastnight my mom and I watched the figure skating in Olymipcs and it so happens that the day before one Italian dude dropped the girl and she was soooooo mad at him! After the dance she was one the ice staring daggers at him with her hands on her hips. Lol. It was really funny to watch. Anyway, lasnight they danced and they got first place!!!

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Happy Canadian Men's Team finally got a win but it wasn't enough of a victory to prove them ready for the elimination rounds.

Yeah. They were simly lucky in first third. Next two thirds they were beaten so heavily, that they barely managed to withstand it. Loss with Russians was inevitable. Russians overclassed them as well as Czechs did in those last two thirds.

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