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WFG Community Micronation

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So this morning I woke up and thought of an interesting forum project. How about WFG's own Micronation?

For those who dont know what a micronation is :): according to Wikipedia, "Micronations – sometimes also referred to as cybernations, fantasy countries, model countries, and new country projects – are entities that resemble independent nations or states, but for the most part exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators."

The most notable micronation would be the Principality of Sealand, which claims a 550 square-meter WW2 Pontoon Base in the English Channel as its soveriegn territory (in fact it has quite a history with a government in exile and once came close to war with the UK).

So I suggest we brainstorm some ideas, come up with a name and such, and maybe post a website for WFG's Micronation ;)

Here are some ideas to think about:


Government System,

Leadership (election if its a democracy),

Territory (if any),



National Anthem,


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You don't actually need a "earthly territory" to create a micro-State.

You only need a Constitution (Set of Fundamental Laws defining the State)

The Constitution itself shall define whatever is relevant about the micro-State :

- its Juridiction : to whom or what or where does it apply? (My Melvillian Constitution goes as far as defining a When : it applies as long as there is someone adhering to it)

- its Government : how does the State maintained together, how people live together?

- other basic laws that you wish to protect against daily evolution

If the first two are rather easy, the thrid point can be tricky.

To give a real-world example, South Korea was tricked by its constitution, when it tried to move its Capital city from Seoul : as it was written in the Constitution that the Capital was Seoul, a Constitutional amendment (usually harder to obtain than a law) was necessary, so the project was turned off as unconstitutional, however good it would be...

Ours will not involve such... gravissime issues... but take care to not overrule the Constitution, or you then actually overrule the people, and hence, bye-bye State, even if micro.

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Well, maybe this is in need of some ressurecting :P

So far the ideas are as follows:

Flag- Red WFG logo on a white background (I made one, however I'm not sure if I can post it as it may be copyrighted)

Territory- Antarctica

and lets not forget about a Constitution (thanks for reminding me Yiuel :P)

Well, any more ideas?

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