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Take a look at a picture of my dream car

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I went onto bmwusa.com and customized my own 2006 BMW 325i Coupe. The picture was the result ;) Still a ways off, but its one sweet looking machine :) I'll get there one day.

Some data on mine:


Xenon low-beam and high-beam headlights with auto-leveling and Adaptive headlights


STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission



Jet Black


Myrtle Wood Trim

Black Leather

Price as configured


I urge all of you to go to your favorite car-makers' sites and customize your ride then post the pictures here, I assure you it will be a blast :P


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Sometimes I wonder if I'm out-of-the-ordinary because I frankly don't care much what I drive :P I may have dream computers, but not much in the way of a dream car.

Sure, I wouldn't mind driving something that looked nice (or 1337), but I'd also be perfectly happy with a generic white "thing with wheels".

Now, it's a different story entirely if you throw the science factor in, however: make it a hybrid or something that runs on hydrogen or ethanol (hmm, or maybe helium-3?), and I'll listen a bit longer. :P

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My dream cars, updated:

Ford GT

Ford Shelby GR-1

Bugatti :P

Jeep Hurricane (awesome dual V8 jeep that spins in a 360, only a prototype now but I hope they make it!)

Rolls Royce Phantom

I saw all those at the LA Auto Show a few weeks ago, and they are awesome along with so many other neat cars.

Also Ford has this other prototype called the SYN US, Some good pictures here.

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