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Buy black holes on eBay!

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It was automatically generated, it found that black hole seemsed to be the keyword on the page so it decided to sell them

Yeah, I have a feeling eBay has mass-registered a Google ad for every possible word in the dictionary that could be a product or thing. (New meaning to the phrase "dictionary search"?)

I've noticed some goofy things (albeit not as goofy as 'black hole'). Especially stuff with bad grammar: for example, a search for "Intel DVX2934A" might result in an ad saying "Buy Intel, Intel network on eBay!" :)

(Yeah, I made that product number up...)

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Heh, this was the reply to one of the comments near the bottom:

"Seller Comment: Ahem, Due to the recent publicity a proffessor of quantum physics got in touch to have an inspection of both my therom and the machine. He has confirmed that my theory is fatally flawed, and in fact my machine is just a phone attached to an old computer and an eftpos machine. I am incredilly embarrassed and would like to apologise to everyone who took an interest. As such the Auction will be withdrawn today at 6pm. My sincere apoogies to all the genuine time travellers out there. Peace out !"

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