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Forum can't count...


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A little quote out of my own little profile:

Total Cumulative Posts  2,123

( 5.5 posts per day / 1.51% of total forum posts )

Most active in  Fun and Games

( 938 posts / 31% of this member's active posts )

938:31x100=3026 And the point is, I don't have that much posts... So what is wrong?

(it isn't a big deal, though...)

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Do F&G posts not count towards the displayed total? 2123 ('total', excluding F&G) + 938 (F&G) = 3063, and 938/3063=31%, so that seems reasonable.

Ah - that's it. I forgot about that little fact when I posted earlier :) Now that you've jogged my memory, I think Tim said at one point that he was going to try to change the code so that it won't count the F&G forum in the "Most active" display and post averages.

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Good point. :) I believe this is because some of the database tables are out of whack, which will hopefully be fixed soon - Tim or Jason can say for sure.

There shouldn't be any issues with the database tables now. The glitch last week affected just a couple of entries in the members table only and has since been corrected.

And as already stated after your post, the F&G area is simply setup to not count towards total post counts. So for Argalius and the original question, the forum knows how to count (mostly, haha).

Cheers. :)

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