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Alpha 26 Feature Freeze Update


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That's awesome. I've always wanted this to be a thing when the original mod for them was first announced. They were the only standout civilization that I felt belonged to the base game. 

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I did the SVN update.

Revision: 26874
Author: marder
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 11:22:54 AM


I've been updating without issue for a week or so  since an earlier I reverted to an earlier version to keep playing until the fix for that bug was fixed, but since that time my 0ADsvn folder has had a red exclamation point instead of a green checkmark.  Is it possible that a file was corrupted or missing and that hasn't mattered to today's update?

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We only build the game once a day. So if you get C++ changes in between they might not work. So far most changes had no impact on the game itself. You need to wait for the next autobuild commit.

To fix the red exclamation mark you can right click on the folder, tortoisesvn and click revert :)

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