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Perhaps P1 should be made a stage of purely economic development.


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1 hour ago, ChronA said:

However it's getting hard to ignore the frequency and prominence of the CS discussion's recurrence in so many balance complaints.

well, while I agree that the economic value of these units makes them a little harder to balance, there would certainly be other things people complain about if there were no CS units. In my opinion, CS balance is quite good this alpha, aside from pikes. The nerf pikes received seems appropriate to me. Honestly, at least in recent history, most complaints are over champions (esp. fire cav) and merc cav.


1 hour ago, ChronA said:

However in competitive AoE2 it forms a key part of several prominent balance triangles.

yes, and I think the attack ground aspect of this adds an amount of skill to the fights you described. In 0ad, the "death balls" you described are enabled by the meatshield meta. Currently, using fast units with high dps (swordcav) are really effective if you can avoid spears. This can be almost as devastating as siege in AOE2. For infantry battles, you can even use archers or slingers to manually target ranged units past the meat shield, although this is difficult.

I think we could add attack ground to essentially represent a volley, which would more effectively deal damage to ranged units and avoid overkill. This would in theory result in more movement or perhaps formation usage. Not a lot of people agree with my idea here, but I think the answer to the meat shield meta should be something skill based.

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On 23/04/2022 at 2:40 PM, ChronA said:

don't need to exist. Rather than simulating dozens of individual trees in a patch of forest, why not bundle them together as one entity?

I once suggested that, and was told it was unrealistic.

I think only wow pressed that field too.

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