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[random] carpathian

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First of all, i created the map for Version 23,
i have put all the textures and objects at the start the script,
can i ask someone to do me a favour and correct the templates for Version 25.

The map should be suitable for multiplayer.
The texture simulates a snowline, so some of the texture and objects have two arrays to pick from (base-texture, cliffs, trees)

Sorry. i try to free some space for the attachments, so far i am failing




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Can upload images again...

Here three screenshots. All are maps of medium size with three players, the first is with vegetation, the other two are without vegetation, and should demonstrate the terrain.
Three things i want to point out:

  1. the terrain has even for small maps a high degree of random structures. The city-center has a certain perimeter of flat area with no vegetation. All the city-centers and mines are in calculated not random areas.
  2. snowline (it is not so obvious, but the terrain has sinus waves exact at the snowline)
  3. amount of small ridges, still big enough to move an army (in a single file)






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Some seeds do create valleys without an exit.
This devaluates the whole map.
The whole system of ramps on this map is not reliable enough. Although in my tests there was always a way to leave the initial valley.
The only way to fix this fast is to make the valleys bigger and less random. But this would make the maps also less interesting.
That's why i remade the algorithm. The new map is under the topic "fair multiplayer random map".
Because of the new map-generator i have decided not to maintain this map anymore. Instead i will create a new map with the same name, and very similar features.

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This is an adapted map, this time for Version 25.
I have used a new system, that produces deterministic areas for a base, and turn to random terrain outside the base.
In the multiplayer-mode all bases should have the same terrain, the location of the mines are also on the same place.
Same applies to fauna like muskoxes and wolves, they are at predetermined locations.carpathian_2.zip
Just the trees and textures are always random.

For different sizes of maps and amount of players i have made several predetermined terrains, more complex one, if the size of the map is sufficient.


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