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Game time overlay bug


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The game time overlay resets itself every 2 minutes after I changed 0A.D's interface language to Turkish. At minute 3:00 it was showing minute 1:00, and at minute 16:50 it was showing 00:50. It is a very funny bug but isn't helpful for timing myself. 


A friend who joined later told me to switch to English language and the bug disappeared. However, even in English mode, the timer crashes sometimes if I spam click too much; it also crashes after big battles. 

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function timeToString(time)
        return Engine.FormatMillisecondsIntoDateStringGMT(time, time < 1000 * 60 * 60 ?
                // Translation: Time-format string. See http://userguide.icu-project.org/formatparse/datetime for a guide to the meaning of the letters.
                translate("mm:ss") : translate("HH:mm:ss"));
$ grep -A 1 'mm:ss' binaries/data/mods/mod/l10n/tr*
msgid "mm:ss"
msgstr "dd:ss"
msgid "HH:mm:ss"
msgstr "SS:dd:ss"

Turkish localization missing minutes in time template

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