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Hugs and kisses for everyone


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Thanks to the big sissy's at district headquarters, school has been cancelled for me tomorrow :P :P

Basically they dont want kids going out in -20 and below weather. so.... no school !!!


1-13-04: No school Friday, Jan. 14

All District 833 schools will be closed Friday, Jan. 14 because of predicted extreme wind chill temperatures. Decisions on after school and evening activities will be made Friday.


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*gives all the ones who had days off a envious look*

We haven't had off school ever since I'm going to school - and that's quite some time already. In fact, living in a mild-climated coastal area of Europe doesn't only have its benefits :P I've been having the probably most stressful weekend of the last two months, but now, it looks like the worst is over - though there are still four homework assignment reminders pinned to the board above my desk... *returns to work*

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