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Organizing the Gameplay Discussion forum


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Can we create a sub forum for implemented and planned features in a sub forum under gameplay discussion? To better consolidate and organize discussions and feature adjustments


Sub forum: Implemented feature

===[ IMPLEMENTED ]=== Barracks Garrisoning Experience Trickle

Sub forum: Planned feature

===[ PLANNED ]=== (Name of planned feature)

Sub forum: Suggested feature

===[ SUGGESTED ]=== (Name of planned feature)


Then move around topics which are adapted to be planned from suggested then with planned moving to implemented as features get commited.

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I think it’s a good idea to talk about a particular feature rather than starting with a vague Idea. Often we get confused between each others’ ideas and what we think they mean. If we have a commit like “acceleration” to discuss, then we can hone that feature while it is tested. This also limits the random ideas and encourages focus on real features and not concepts.

I think this will be extremely helpful when the pre-release candidates come out. I also have a hard time navigating and understanding the Phabricator stuff, so being able to discuss real features in the forum like this would be sweet.

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