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[Brainstorming] Nomad Playstyle far Asian


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We are going to make a post to differentiate it from Han and assimilate it as an Asian culture, it will have things in common with Han.



Nomads all start with mobile buildings and some throw themselves, others capture settlements.

Most will not have farms and/or will have to steal them.

They will have looting bonus.

Trickle from corral.( Maybe a good equivalent to farming).

Bonus vs farms+ looting.(They stole the crops.)


Just like Han they will have bonus from pop. Because the they They were the great nomadic nation along with the Scythians.


P2 have rice farm, So they start semi nomad phase 2.







Topic in progress.

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I will implement that Huns do not need houses and houses serve otherwise( other way) maybe as bonus for combat(defending your children will have more  psychological impact in warrior's mind).


 the Huns bonus of starting at maximum population.(AOE II).

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It is not recommended that the corrals of nomads directly produce food trickles, but that the corrals automatically train livestock for free, and herders slaughter livestock.
The yurthouse did not provide a population, but served as a resource recycling point and a barracks for training herders and cavalry.

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