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Crash during team game:


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The game suddenly crashed during a major cavalry battle. These are the logs and replay, please tell me what went wrong and how to avoid similar crashes in the future. Thank you. 


Only the command.txt remained after the game.



There is another minor issue I need to bring up: during the game, I charged my cavalry into an Iberian player's base and he deleted his CC. There were enemy units inside the walls, and it took me approximately 1 minute to kill all of them, after which, the Iberian walls decayed to gaia and all of my cavalry were trapped inside like a jail. This is hugely inconvenient despite being unlikely to happen. My suggestion would be, let gaia doors open to anyone who wants to pass through, meanwhile, if the doors belong to a player, they should only open to that player's allies and not their enemies. 

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I suppose all welcoming Gaia is nice. Iber Gaia kills more of my units than some real players...

Iberians are just the joke civ of A25...

On game crash during TG: set your pop to 200, medium map at most, don't do formation with too many units at a time.

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gates logic could indeed be better. I suggest that instead of having them either 'blocked' or 'unblocked', which is clunky and inconvenient, you could have them 'always open', 'always closed', 'open for all allied units' and 'closed for all enemy units'. the difference between the last two would be that when you have both enemy and allies next to the gate, it would stay open with the first instruction, and closed otherwise. this second setting should be the default.

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