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Potentially offensive room name that also impersonates my name


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DemitriTool was hosting this game today with the title "Norse_Harold's Team Game lots of butt s*x and cheese cake". I haven't said a word to DemitriTool.

@user1 and other admins, please have a look at the screenshot and decide whether this violates the rules. He's already muted in the lobby, likely for offensive speech.

I would argue that his room name is a violation of rules 3 and 4 of the Terms of Use for the Wildfiregames game lobby.



 3. Not post profanity, pejorative terms or pornographic content.
 4. Not harass, harm, intimidate, discriminate, threaten, defame, cause damage to others or purposefully demean the worth of others using this service.



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  • Norse_Harold changed the title to Potentially offensive room name that also impersonates my name
4 minutes ago, Norse_Harold said:

Lion.Kanzen, what you have written resembles lyrics of a song. Apparently the lyrics of some songs by Linkin Park are about being strong despite being bullied.

I agree. At first I was going to confront DemitriTool, but I decided to be the bigger man and not say anything to him. We'll see what the admins decide.

I was bullied when I was in elementary school.


Now it doesn't matter that much. Just don't let it get to you.

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Just now, Norse_Harold said:

DemitriTool wasn't content to make one profane room name. That game finished and he has started a new game with another profane name. "Vladamir putin's Pocket P*ssy Pick Up Team Game. Welcome welcome coem have fun. we welcome noobs. Have fun. no judgments"



Siempre se inventaran palabras nuevas y en algún momento en los foros de internet crean frases nuevas solo para censurar las a propósito.

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Come to think of it, I did mention DemitriTool in the lobby, but I did not speak to him directly. He was busy playing a game at the time, likely saw what I wrote after that game finished and then chose to make an insulting room name about me. Here's the relevant chat log.

<mr.michael> Norse_Harold host
<Norse_Harold> no one else is able to host right now?
<Norse_Harold> oh how nice, DemitriTool is hosting a game with the name "prison rape"
<Norse_Harold> small wonder why he's muted in the lobby
<mr.michael> hots?
<mr.michael> i don't know
<Norse_Harold> you don't want to join DemitriTool's team game?
<Norse_Harold> I'm working on a project right now
<Norse_Harold> I might host a game but not play in it
<Norse_Harold> if there is enough demand
<Norse_Harold> anyone else want me to host a TG right now?
<mr.michael> ok
<mr.michael> yes
<mr.michael> DemitriTool can't join
<Norse_Harold> ah
<Norse_Harold> mr.michael, join

... and then DemitriTool hosted the game with the room name in the first screenshot of this thread.

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51 minutes ago, Dizaka said:

I don't believe the room names are potentially offense.  @Norse_Haroldis trying to be too nice in a situation where the other player is in clear, intentional, and flagrant violation of ToU.  The combinations of characters for those game titles are not random.

it is correct, it is cyberbullying.

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I chose the title "potentially offensive" instead of "offensive" for multiple reasons. First, the title was chosen when only one screenshot was provided. Second, I want to avoid telling the admins how to decide on issues of rule infractions. I oppose the practice of "trial by media", and I want a fair trial for anyone who stands accused. Any statement that labels a person as guilty, except by a judge after a fair trial, is a type of "trial by media". Third, yes, I'm trying to be nice and encourage a community attitude among everyone.

In other news, user1 said via IRC that he has seen this forum thread. He said, "yup, thanks for the report :)"

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@user1 explained via the game lobby that DemitriTool received a warning, I assume for the offensive room names described in this forum thread. Later he received a 24-hour ban for the (unrelated) offense of making duplicate accounts. On Friday evening DemitriTool tried to login and the game lobby announced that he had a 24-hour ban for making duplicate accounts.

So, hopefully DemitriTool never does this again. Thanks, case closed.

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