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Out of sync during team game with only players


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Today I was hosting an 8-player team game with no AI. At about 45 minutes we saw an out-of-sync error message, "ERROR: Out-Of-Sync on turn 13420. Players: mr.michael (1446)". This is the second time I have seen this error in the past few weeks.

An interesting trait of the game: there was a lot of "lag", but no player was indicated as having a high network latency. There was a lot of combat, and several spectators, and as a host I was getting sometimes 1 to 4 FPS, at the most 14 FPS. Normally I get a solid 60 FPS during early game.

We asked some of the players which mods they had enabled.

Norse_Harold: no mods.

mr.michael: autociv and balanced mainland

farabundo: autociv

SSwordLurkk: no mods.

Palaiologos: autociv, boongui, shiny UI

We have several guesses for what could cause this. mr.michael, can you PM a link to a 0ad dev with the oos_dump.dat and oos_dump.txt files in your 0ad logs folder?

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Here is an update based on game lobby messages.

<Norse_Harold> but please PM a download of your log files to Silier, who is a 0ad developer
<Norse_Harold> then post a reply in the thread saying that you PM'd your OOS dump files
<mr.michael> Norse_Harold is loading  (ed. I think he meant: Norse_Harold, it is loading)
<Norse_Harold> okay, cool
<mr.michael> i already sent yhe file
<Norse_Harold> you sent it to Silier?
<Norse_Harold> mr.michael, you there?
<mr.michael> i dont want to load Norse_Harold  (ed. I think he meant: it doesn't want to load, Norse_Narold)
<Norse_Harold> I don't know what you mean
<Norse_Harold> did you PM your OOS_dump.dat and OOS_dump.txt files to Silier?
<mr.michael> yes
<Norse_Harold> okay, thanks
<mr.michael> pm no
<mr.michael> am
<mr.michael> but it doesn't load
<Norse_Harold> hey mr.michael
<mr.michael> Norse_Harold hey
<Norse_Harold> I replied to the forum thread
<Norse_Harold> "PM" means "private message"
<Norse_Harold> mr.michael, what is your primary language? Maybe someone can translate for us
<mr.michael> Norse_Harold  firned the porblem is that the file does not load
== mr.michael has left

I can only guess that "it doesn't load" means that he can't upload the files to the forum. The forum has a limit to the maximum file size that can be uploaded, so this is not surprising. That's why I said "PM a link to the files". This means "upload the files to cloud storage account such as dropbox.com or sync.com, then make a link and private message it to Silier and user1." If someone could please translate this to mr.michael's language then this would be great.

Also, Silier PM'd me that mr.michael has not sent the OOS log files to him yet.

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Yes, when I compress only OOS_dump.dat, OOS_dump.txt, commands.txt, and metadata.json then the result is 4.4 MB, and that's allowed as an attachment. But, I think that including mainlog.html exceeds the maximum file size of attachments. Is mainlog.html actually necessary for troubleshooting this OOS problem, or no?

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1 minute ago, Norse_Harold said:

Yes, when I compress only OOS_dump.dat, OOS_dump.txt, commands.txt, and metadata.json then the result is 4.4 MB, and that's allowed as an attachment. But including mainlog.html exceeds the maximum file size of attachments, I think. Is mainlog.html actually necessary for troubleshooting this OOS problem, or no?

In theory every bit helps  Could upload two zips

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Okay, you're right. mainlog.html started as 283 MB, compressed to 38.9 MB, and attaching the compressed version was allowed in a PM. I thought that the attachment file size limit was set much lower on this forum. Even the 102 MB oos_dump.txt and 283 MB mainlog.html files appear to be allowed as attachments in a PM. In the case of mainlog.html it takes long enough to upload that the progress meter doesn't show any progress for many seconds. Perhaps that is why mr.michael thought it wasn't loading?

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Thanks for posting commands.txt from the replay.

The developers still need the following files.



Please compress the files and then attach them in a private message to Silier and user1.

Here are instructions on where to find the files. The folder that you want is described as "user config and logs" or "logs and cache". On Windows it's probably C:\Documents and Settings\JohnDoe\Local Settings\Application Data\0ad\. Replace "JohnDoe" in the path with your username.

Here are instructions on how to create a "compressed folder", also known as a .zip file. You can either select multiple files by holding Ctrl on the keyboard and clicking on each file, or you can compress the entire folder. Right-click on files or a folder that you want to compress, hover over "Send To", then click "Send to Compressed Folder". Then attach only the .zip file in the PM to Silier and user1.

If you are unable to create a compressed folder then you can attach the files to the private message without compressing them first. It may take a bit longer to upload them, but it should still work.

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21 hours ago, Norse_Harold said:

Gracias por publicar commands.txt desde la repetición.

Los desarrolladores aún necesitan los siguientes archivos.



Comprima los archivos y luego adjúntelos en un mensaje privado para Silier y user1.

Aquí hay instrucciones sobre dónde encontrar los archivos. La carpeta que desea se describe como "configuración de usuario y registros" o "registros y caché". En Windows, probablemente C:\Documents and Settings\JohnDoe\Local Settings\Application Data\0ad\. reemplace "JohnDoe" en la ruta con su nombre de usuario.

Aquí hay instrucciones sobre cómo crear una "carpeta comprimida", también conocida como archivo .zip. Puede seleccionar varios archivos manteniendo presionada la tecla Ctrl en el teclado y haciendo clic en cada archivo, o puede comprimir toda la carpeta. Haga clic con el botón derecho en los archivos o en una carpeta que desee comprimir, coloque el cursor sobre " Enviar a" y, a continuación, haga clic en "Enviar a carpeta comprimida". Luego adjunte solo el archivo .zip en el PM a Silier y user1.

Si no puede crear una carpeta comprimida, puede adjuntar los archivos al mensaje privado sin comprimirlos primero. Puede que tarde un poco más en cargarlos, pero aún así debería funcionar.

@Norse_Harold  this i found

matchsettings.mp.zip matchsettings.zip

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Well, that's getting closer. You were able to make compressed folders, and it's user data related to 0ad. But, it's not the files the devs are looking for.

Those files are found in C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Roaming\0ad\config

You need to go to C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Local\0ad\logs

If you don't see the Local folder in AppData then try enabling view of hidden files and folders. Here are instructions on how to do that.

  1. Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
  2. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
  3. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives
  4. Select show system files
  5. Click OK

These instructions are based on the official Microsoft instructions here.

Alternatively you can click in the empty space to the right of the current folder at the top of the Windows Explorer window. It will show you the full path and highlight it. Delete it and type the path that you want to navigate to. Press enter. It should go directly there. If you see mainlog.html then it's the correct folder. Then if you don't see the OOS_dump files then I'll stop bugging you about this. :-)

Anyway, if you do see the files then please compress OOS_dump.dat and OOS_dump.txt and attach the .zip file in a private message to @Silier and @user1 (not usuario1) instead of posting them in this publicly readable thread. After you've done that, please post a reply here stating that you have sent the files.


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25 minutes ago, Norse_Harold said:

Bueno, eso está cada vez más cerca. Pudiste crear carpetas comprimidas y sus datos de usuario relacionados con 0ad. Pero no son los archivos que buscan los desarrolladores.

Esos archivos se encuentran en C: \ Users \ JohnDoe \ AppData \ Roaming \ 0ad \ config

Debe ir a C: \ Users \ JohnDoe \ AppData \ Local \ 0ad \ logs

Si no ve la carpeta Local en AppData, intente habilitar la vista de archivos y carpetas ocultos. Aquí hay instrucciones sobre cómo hacerlo.

  1. Abra el Explorador de archivos desde la barra de tareas.
  2. Seleccione Ver> Opciones> Cambiar carpeta y opciones de búsqueda.
  3. Seleccione la pestaña Ver y, en Configuración avanzada, seleccione Mostrar archivos, carpetas y unidades ocultos
  4. Seleccione mostrar archivos del sistema
  5. Haga clic en Aceptar

Estas instrucciones se basan en las instrucciones oficiales de Microsoft aquí .

Alternativamente, puede hacer clic en el espacio vacío a la derecha de la carpeta actual en la parte superior de la ventana del Explorador de Windows. Le mostrará la ruta completa y la resaltará. Elimínelo y escriba la ruta a la que desea navegar. Presione enter. Debería ir directamente allí. Si ve mainlog.html, entonces es la carpeta correcta. Entonces, si no ve los archivos OOS_dump, dejaré de molestarlo por esto. :-)

De todos modos, si ve los archivos, comprima OOS_dump.dat y OOS_dump.txt y adjunte el archivo .zip en un mensaje privado a @Silier y @ usuario1(no usuario1) en lugar de publicarlos en este hilo de lectura pública. Una vez hecho esto, publique una respuesta aquí indicando que ha enviado los archivos.


let me know if anything else is needed

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All right, finally! Thanks for not giving up, mr.michael.

And, thanks to farabundo and guerringuerrin for translating to/from Spanish for mr.michael and me yesterday. "It won't load" apparently meant "I can't find the OOS_dump.dat and OOS_dump.txt files".

After I posted instructions on where to find the files (AppData\Roaming), mr.michael said that he was finally able to find them and send them to the devs. Also, user1 sent me a PM confirming that he received the OOS dump files from mr.michael. It helps to have a positive confirmation, thanks.

The next step is waiting for the files to be analyzed by Silier and user1.

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