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As Chris donated $5 (sorry, I am really down these days ... although I would love donating you at least a tiny bit ...), why not increasing rep of members who donate? ... like 1 rep-up per $1 or €1 ... or 100 points or more of currency per $1 or €1 ...

That could be another motivation, especially knowing that maybe things will be purchased with currency ...


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like 1 rep-up per $1 or €1

*donates 50 bucks* :P

if I had 50 bucks to donate....

and there's no way I'll ever be able to convince my dad to donate anything. <_<

Anyway, how about a spreadfirefox button?

But that's not much of a feature. Just a little link.

An RSS feed (as I suggested in a previous topic)?

A low bandwidth skin of the forums that doesn't use as many images for people on slower internet? (I don't need it, but I like to play with those kinds of things.)

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